EduMAP Research Workshop in Berlin, 20-21 April

In April the EduMAP consortia met in Berlin to coordinate their research approach to data collection for the project. Work packages 3 and 4 are concerned with investigating good practice examples of adult education for active citizenship, and the communicative ecologies of vulnerable young people across a number of research sites in Europe. We have developed a research design for the data collection and analysis to ensure consistency and a level of comparability across the data collected by each partner, including research questionnaire protocols.








We are seeking to capture the perspectives of education providers as well as learners. Since the project recognises the importance of national and local contexts, each partner, during the workshop, developed their own plans for the application of the research design. We also developed processes to follow that will help to ensure regular discussions of how the data collection is going in each site, how to identify and develop emerging research themes, and how to approach data analysis.