Petrozavodsk Spring School 2018

Welcome to the Petrozovodsk Spring School/FIRST Intensive course!

The Petrozavodsk Spring School/FIRST intensive course: Finnish-Russian relations in post-Brexit Europe will take place in Petrozavodsk, Russia, 21-25 May 2018. It is the second seasonal school for the 2017 intake of our CBIR double degree programme.

The third seasonal school will be organised in St. Petersburg, Russia, in January 2019.


Petrozavodsk State University. The lectures and seminars will take place in the IT Park, address: 31, Lenin av. (prospekt Lenina, d.31), room 104, ground floor.

Breakfast and lunch will be served in the university canteen, Main Buidling, address: 33, Lenin av.



Below you can see the programme for the spring school/intensive course:


The School/Intensive course programme consists of three modules in the curriculum of the CBIR Master’s Programme: POMCBIR2, POMCBIR4 and POMCBIR5. See the curriculum here. The spring school is compulsory for CBIR students.

We have invited distinguished speakers from Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg to the panel on Finnish-Russian relations in the present and future that will take place on Friday. The following speakers have confirmed their participation: Dr. Natalia Eremina, Associate Professor in European Studies, St. Petersburg State University; Dr. Oksana Grigorieva, Associate Professor in European Studies, St. Petersburg State University;  Natalia Lavrushina, Consultant for International Relations, Petrozavodsk City Administration;  Dr. Valeri Shlyamin, Adviser for the Rector at PetrSU,  former Trade Representative of Russia in Finland.

On Thursday we will have an excursion during which we will learn about the history of Petrozavodsk, in particular in connection with international relations. We will be guided by professor Ilya Solomeshch.

You will find information about the pre- and post-requirements for the courses  here and in the Moodle.

POMCBIR2: Please see the Moodle  for the reading list for the course (please study the journal articles by the Spring School). The essay should be submitted by 18 June in the Moodle.

POMCBIR4: Students have been/will be informed of the requirements for this course by e-mail by prof. Lanko.

POMCBIR5: Please prepare a 5-10-page research proposal, in which you write what you plan to study in your Master’s thesis, how you plan to study it and why you study it. It means that you should be able to formulate the reasons why this particular topic should be of interest (e.g. whether there is a lack of studies on this particular topic, whether it is relevant from the policy point of view), to which discussions you plan to contribute/which framework you employ, which research questions you have, and how you plan to answer to your research questions (what primary data and method of gathering and analysing your data you plan to use). Please have references to previous studies on your topic, and mark all the references properly (embedded notes or footnotes + list of references in an alphabetical order; remember the instructions from the Tampere autumn school).

Please upload your research proposal in the Moodle no later than Monday 14 May at 12 o’clock. If you do not upload your research proposal by the deadline, it will not be discussed in the Master’s thesis seminar and thus you cannot continue your CBIR studies.

We also expect you to study the research proposals of other CBIR students of your seminar group and prepare comments on them. Please check more detailed instructions in the Moodle.



We also invite non-CBIR students from the University of Tampere to take part in the spring school/FIRST intensive course. Non-CBIR students take part in the POMCBIR2 (5 ECTS)  part of the spring school and all social activities. If you are interested in taking this course,  please send an e-mail to Sirke Mäkinen (sirke.makinen at by 16 March with a short motivation letter explaining why you would like to take part in the spring school. Please have your full name, your major and UTA student number in your e-mail, too. If accepted to the course, you will get a scholarship that covers your travel, accommodation and visa expenses. We may accept the maximum of 5 non-CBIR students to the spring school/FIRST intensive course.



Accommodation has been booked on your behalf – it will be shared accommodation in a university dormitory. Tampere students should pay for  accommodation from their scholarship, as for St. Petersburg students  accommodation will be paid by the University of Tampere (FIRST funding) on their behalf.

The dormitory where you will be accommodated is the Dormitory No 2, the address is 31, Gertsen (Herzen) Street  (ul.Gertsena, d.31, ул. Герцена, д. 31). You will find the map and some photos in the following website (unfortunately, the text is available in Russian only)



The arrival day will be Sunday 20 May and the departure day Saturday 26 May. St. Petersburg students will travel by train from St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk. For Tampere students we have booked a minibus from Tampere to St. Petersburg. We have informed the students on details by e-mail.



Tampere students need a visa in order to travel to Petrozavodsk. For the visa you need an invitation from the Petrozavodsk State University. CBIR students have received the form that they need to fill in in order to get the invitation. Please note that it takes a couple of weeks to prepare the invitation and again a couple of weeks to get the visa after you have applied for it. For non-EU citizens it takes even longer to get the visa. Please do not prolong the process but fill in the required form ASAP and send it to the addresses given in the e-mail.