The Arctic – A Discussion Event on Topical Matters

arctic ice
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Date: 3 May 2016, 16-18
Venue: OASIS, Pinni B, University of Tampere (Kanslerinrinne 1)

Heidi Sinevaara-Niskanen, Postdoctoral researcher, the Arctic Center, the University of Lapland

Juha Käpylä, Research fellow, Global Security Research Programme, Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Dr. Teemu Palosaari, Postdoctoral researcher, Tampere Peace Research Institute

The Arctic is complex and dynamically changing region that has recently received significant international attention. It has been warming twice or even three times as fast as the global average and experienced already negative consequences of climate change. Due to this, entire villages of indigenous people have been forced to relocate. Moreover, what happens in the Arctic does not stay there, but impacts on other parts of the world because environment is connected right across the glove.

However, this is just one side of the coin. In terms of economic opportunities, the Arctic provides a rich amount of natural resources such as oil and gas and new shipping routes which can greatly shorten the shipping time between Asia, Europe, and the North America. Ironically and importantly, these newly created opportunities can accelerate further the pace of global warming if managed poorly and unsustainably.

Around four million people including indigenous people (approximately 10%) live in the North. Who has (should have) the right and power to decide for the region’s future? Should indigenous people be the one because they have lived there for thousands of years? Or Arctic countries like Finland which boasts to have the best knowledge and expertise for the Arctic? Should international organizations and NGOs have more say because the Arctic is no longer a closed place anymore, but a global arena?

Should you be interested and want to know more about these topical issues, our event is definitely for you! The main idea of this event is to kick-start the discussion locally and encourage the audience – who may or may not be familiar with the Arctic – to share opinions and views with experts and participants. Therefore, the event will be organized in a very interactive way with casual atmosphere. In order to warm-up and increase the knowledge of participants, some general and fun quizzes associated to the Arctic will be given at first. Speakers’ presentations, the Q&A and the discussion session will be followed.

Candy will be served at the event. Welcome!

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