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Linna and Arvo libraries’ premises in self-service use 15 August

On Wednesday, 15 August, the premises of Linna and Arvo libraries are available for the customers during the opening hours but the Customer Service is closed. You can borrow books and return your loans using the self-service machines and pay … Lue loppuun

Library closed on Midsummer 22-24 June

All University Library offices are closed from Midsummer Eve, Friday 22 June, to Sunday, 24 June. After Midsummer we’ll continue the service according to the same summertime opening hours. Only the customer service in Library’s newspaper collection will be closed … Lue loppuun

Linna’s Silent Reading Room closed from Midsummer until September

Linna library’s Silent Reading Room will be renovated and its premises will be out of customer use. The renovation begins after Midsummer and is planned to be finished by the beginning of September. After the renovation the reading room will … Lue loppuun

On Blog: Customers Influence the Development of Tampere3 Library

The first customer survey for Tampere3 libraries was organized in March. We received a total of 1080 responses (UTA 813, TAMK 181, TUT 86). The largest group of responders by far were the students, who generally are the most active … Lue loppuun

Summertime opening hours at the Library from 28 May

Tampere University Library will shift to summertime opening hours on Monday, 28 May. All library offices are closed on Saturdays and on Midsummer Eve, 22 June. Arvo library will be closed between 16 and 27 July. Arvo library will return … Lue loppuun

Late return of short loans does not bring a borrowing-ban any more

If you return a short loan late to the Library, you will not get a borrowing ban for one week any more. However, the overdue charge of 15 euros remains. Borrowing ban practice was removed during changes in the library … Lue loppuun

Ascension Day 9-10 May opening hours at the Library

Ascension Day also effects the opening hours of the Library. On Wednesday 9 May, Ascension Eve, all library offices will be closing at 4 pm On Thursday 10 May, Ascension Day, the Library is closed When the Library is closed, … Lue loppuun

Tamy’s Vappulakki award to the Library

The Student Union of the University of Tampere, Tamy, gave its time-honoured Vappulakki award to Tampere University Library this year. The award diploma says: “Tampere University Library is not only buildings or books; the library consists also of people, refuges … Lue loppuun

The new privacy regulation changes the Library’s reservation policy

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of personal data will enter into force in May 2018. The regulation will concern all processing of personal data within the EU. The GDPR will also change the Library’s reservation policy. In the … Lue loppuun

Summer holidays affect the processing of dissertations

Is your doctoral defence going to be arranged in August or early September? Are you planning to publish your dissertation in the University’s Acta series? If so, please prepare your manuscript in good time because the summer holidays slow down … Lue loppuun