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Autumn semester opening hours in the Library from 27 August

Linna library serves according to autumn semester opening hours from Monday, 27 August. Arvo library shifted to the autumn opening hours two weeks ago. Silent Reading Room in Linna is closed because of renovation until 2 September. At the beginning … Lue loppuun

Data Management Plan Workshop for Academy of Finland call

Come and learn how to create a data management plan for Academy of Finland September 2018 call by participating the Library’s workshop! Each session will have a short introduction to data management and to Academy of Finland guidelines. DMPTuuli data … Lue loppuun

Linna and Arvo libraries in self-service use 15 August

On Wednesday, 15 August, the staff of Tampere University Library and other Tampere3 libraries (TUT, TAMK) will have a training day. On that day the premises of Linna and Arvo libraries are available for the customers during the opening hours … Lue loppuun

Arvo library shifts to autumn semester opening hours 13 August

Arvo library on Kauppi campus shifts to autumn semester opening hours Monday 13 August when new medical students start their work. Arvo library is open from Monday to Thursday between 8.00 and 17.00, customer service from 9.00 to 17. 00, … Lue loppuun

Humanities E-Book migrated to Fulcrum platform on August the 1st 2018

The books of Humanities E-Book database are available now on a new and more user friendly platform Fulcrum. Fulcrum offers an enhanced reader experience especially with mobile devices and it allows for example chapter downloads. Click the database’s Browse and … Lue loppuun

Linna library’s staircase out of use 30 July – 3 August

The staircase in Linna library is out of use between 30 July and 3 August when the lamps above the stairs are replaced. The customers can move from one floor to another using the library lift beside the staircase. Linna … Lue loppuun

U.K. Parliamentary Papers database in use at the University of Tampere

U.K. Parliamentary Papers is in use at the University of Tampere until 31st of December 2018. Access has been acquired to House of Commons 20th Century Collection. In the advanced search page you can see the papers available at the University of Tampere. … Lue loppuun

Arvo library closed 16–27 July

Arvo library on Kauppi campus will be closed between 16 and 27 July as in the previous summers. Arvo’s Learning Center premises are available 24/7 for University of Tampere students with the key card. You can return your loans to … Lue loppuun

Problems with sending Library’s messages

Yesterday and today the Library has had problems with sending item available notices and overdue notices because of a device failure. To make sure, we have sent some notices twice to customers. At the moment the problem is being resolved. … Lue loppuun

Renovation in Linna’s Silent Reading Room begins 25 June

The renovation in Linna library’s Silent Reading Room will begin on Monday, 25 June. During the renovation the reading room premises will be out of customer use. The renovation is planned to be finished by the beginning of September. The … Lue loppuun