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Laulaminen kehollisena kokemuksena

English intro: In the previous research of voice, singing has been approached as an acoustic, auditive, and physiological phenomenon. But what kind of bodily experiences the act of singing produces? In the experience of a singer, the inner-body sensations may … Lue loppuun

Tutkijaesittelyssä Anne-Maria Laukkanen

  The Sound Research Network blog introduces its members. The first researcher given the word is professor Anne-Maria Laukkanen from The Speech and Voice Research Laboratory at University of Tampere. The lab studies speech and singing from the points of … Lue loppuun

Vocal emotion perceptions on infant-directed singing

Kaisa Perko works as a postdoctoral researcher in work and organizational psychology at the University of Tampere and is interested in research on emotions and interaction in all areas of life. She defended her doctoral thesis on leadership and employee … Lue loppuun