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Corporate-stakeholder Collaboration as a Means Towards Sustainability: An Academic Perspective.

Mid-March, Tampere University hosted the 7th edition of the Responsible Business Research Seminar. This seminar is oriented to discuss and share insights on business responsibility, sustainability and ethics. The seminar was organised by the RESPMAN Research Group from the Tampere University, with the financial support of the Foundation for Economic Education. The two-day seminar took… Read More »

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“How to study the impact of adult education: The EduMAP example”, a new article in the Adult Education and Development journal

Issue 85 (2018) of the international journal Adult Education and Development (AED) looks at the role and impact of adult education from a global perspective. The issue includes the article,…

Once upon a time…

…and actually not so long ago (17.-18.4.2018), I participated the Art of Management Symposium at the Cass Business School in London. I  presented a paper, and this particular piece of work was titled “Making …

Mapping communicative ecologies in adult education supply and access

One of the critical issues that the EduMAP project was designed to address is the failure of the adult education (AE) system to reach out in effective ways to the…

Talking in A MAZE summit, Berlin

I will be speaking in April 26th about the “Potentials of multidisciplinary collaboration in the study of future game and play forms” in A MAZE, Clash of Realities collaborative seminar: Academic and Artistic Research on Digital Games summit. For the full program, see this link.

Evolution and Tensions in Gaming Communities (slides)

Here are the slides I used in my talk in the Digital Colosseums workshop in Singapore:  

Workshop in Singapore

I will spend the next week visiting Singapore, where Vivian Chen, from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in Nanyang Technological University has put together an interesting international seminar focused on games and play, particularly from the perspective of eSports phenomena. Together with several esteemed colleagues, I also will give a talk there; mine … Continue reading ”Workshop in Singapore”

Humans in Organizations: Leadership, Conflicts and Learning

“Leadership today […] is about unlearning management and relearning being human.” This thought-provoking quotation is from an article, published a few days ago at Harvard Business Review‘s website under a …

Tools for Trade

The key research infrastructures these days include e.g. access to online publication databases, and ability to communicate with your colleagues (including such prosaic things as email, file sharing and real-time chat). While an astrophysicist relies on satellite data and a physicist to a particle accelerator, for example, in research and humanities and human sciences is … Continue reading ”Tools for Trade”

(What does a) Conflict Researcher (do)

“Nice to meet you, I’m Paula Rossi and I am a conflict researcher at the University of Tampere, Faculty of Management.”   When introducing myself, for example in an academic …