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New article on plant closures

Beer, A., Weller, S., Barnes, T., Onur, I., Ratcliffe, J., Bailey, D. &  Sotarauta, M. 2019. The urban and regional impacts of plant closures: new methods and perspectives. Regional Studies, Regional Science, 6(1)

New article

Beer, A., Ayres, S., Clower, T., Faller, F., Sancino, A. & Sotarauta, M. 2019. Place leadership and regional economic development: a framework for cross-regional analysis. Regional Studies, 53:2, 171-182.

Smart Specialization, Policy Traps and Place Leadership

Smart specialization has rapidly acquired a central position in European Union’s regional development strategies. The basic principles of it are highly appealing and to be warmly welcomed. The Ideal Smart specialization is, in words of Heimeriks and Balland, about identifying ‘the unique characteristics and assets of each region that highlight region’s competitive advantages’. As an… Read More »

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Swedish insurance company grants more than a million euros for research on regional development

A research group consisting of researchers from Sweden, Finland and Norway will begin analysing factors that affect the development of Nordic regions in the long term. The aim of the study is to identify why some regions clearly develop better than others while some regions are worse off despite having relatively similar structures. In addition, […]

New Project – Regional Growth Against all the Odds

Regional Growth Against all the Odds: The Driving Forces of Long-term Growth in Nordic Regions [2017-2020] Today’s economy is driven by knowledge-intensive activities such as ICT and biotechnology, or knowledge-intensive business services such as finance and consulting. These activities are concentrated in the main urban areas like Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. Other regions in the […]