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Place-based Policy Expo

The Regional Studies Association has commissioned a Policy Expo to look at place-based policy and its implementation around the globe. Andrew Beer, Markku Sotarauta, Sarah Ayres, Jiri Blazek and Fiona McKenzie took up the challenge. See for more HERE.

Green patenting in the Nordic countries

A new report on green patents has been published as part of the GONST project by WP3 researchers – click HERE to learn more

Business and Innovation Development for Enterprises (BID4E) [2019-2021]

The problem the BID4E project aims to solve is that many manufacturing SMEs in the Botnia-Atlantica region have limited capabilities, tools and networking opportunities for international business development. The consequences of this problem are significant, as SMEs need to be capable to extend their markets internationally to keep up with the competition and to respond […]

Gonst-project workshop in Oslo

Work packages 4-6 came together in Oslo on 18-19 September to talk about first observations and case comparisons From left to right: Suyash Jolly, Markus Bugge, Antje Klitkou, Marco Capasso and Teis Hansen

ReGrow workshop in Lund

Members of the ReGrow-project in the ReGrow workshop at Lund University (April 13) Heli Kurikka and Josee Rekers From left to right: Markus Grillitsch, Karl-Johan Lundquist, Magnus Nilsson, Mikhail Martynovich

Gonst-project in action

Members of the GONST-project in the Copenhagen workshop (March 13) From left to right: Håkon Finne, Eli Fyhn Ullern, Eric Iversen, Teis Hansen, Suyash Jolly

Swedish insurance company grants more than a million euros for research on regional development

A research group consisting of researchers from Sweden, Finland and Norway will begin analysing factors that affect the development of Nordic regions in the long term. The aim of the study is to identify why some regions clearly develop better than others while some regions are worse off despite having relatively similar structures. In addition, […]

New Project – Regional Growth Against all the Odds

Regional Growth Against all the Odds: The Driving Forces of Long-term Growth in Nordic Regions [2017-2020] Today’s economy is driven by knowledge-intensive activities such as ICT and biotechnology, or knowledge-intensive business services such as finance and consulting. These activities are concentrated in the main urban areas like Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. Other regions in the […]

International Research University and the City as a Campus (CityC) [2016]

The CityC -project seeks to address contemporary challenges in the field of city/regional development studies by analysing the ways universities and cities could interact more strategically than often is the case. It, first, investigates the many roles universities have in economic development of cities by carrying out a meta-analysis of the existing evidence base. Second, the project analyzes […]