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Trust in politicians across countries and over time

PETER SÖDERLUND Political trust in established democracies is generally lower today than it was three or four decades ago. In the short or medium term, there are fluctuations, up and down, due to political and economic events. For example, political … Continue reading

Losing Trust

MIKKO POUTANEN If policy issues are perceived as being simple enough to generate firm conclusions, disagreement itself becomes inexplicable—unless one impugns the motives of those with whom one disagrees. The problem becomes intensified when mainstream politicians and media both take … Continue reading

The Stagecraft of the Trump Presidency

Political stagecraft is about favorable representation of the politician and his message. Given the political ascendancy of Donald J. Trump, to particularities of Trump’s brand of political stagecraft, and its broader implications, deserve some attention. In a way all politics … Continue reading

Political trust in age of globalization, Clinton and Trump

2016 may well go down in history as the year in which trust in political parties – or rather the political establishment – declined considerably at least in parts of the electorate. It would be incorrect to say that this … Continue reading

Why Cameron should have known better than to gamble?

It is not hard to see that the referendum was framed as a battle between the heart and the head. Since the Brexit-side could not win the battle of the heads, it went all in for the battle of the … Continue reading

Transparency and dialogue with citizens: gateways to increased trust in parliaments?

How do you response to declining levels of trust? This is a question all types of political institutions have been struggling with in recent decades across established democracies, Finland included. Improving trust is of course no simple task. Contextual factors … Continue reading

Political trust and voter turnout go hand in hand

Why do people vote and what makes elections special? Is it possible to have democracy without elections? What is the relation between political trust and voter turnout? What is the role of political trust in voting and elections? Does high … Continue reading

Trust in the EU – short-term fluctuations or a more long-term trend?

The European Union (EU) is at a cross-road and has been so at least since the start of the financial recession in 2008. Taking the development in political trust into consideration, a future re-nationalization of the EU-area is more and … Continue reading

Political trust in Finland – high and relatively stable

Citizens in the Nordic countries have traditionally placed much trust in political institutions and actors. Finland is no exception. Levels of trust in parliament, parties and politicians have been relatively stable in Finland over the past 15 years – at … Lue loppuun