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Use the name of the new university in 2019 publications

Researcher of Tampere University, please note that the new Tampere University affects also the affiliations in the publications. It is important for the visibility of the university and researchers that the University’s name is displayed correctly already in the manuscript … Lue loppuun

New publication on specialisation and diversification

Cai, Y., Normann, R., Pinheiro, R. & Sotarauta, M. 2018. Economic specialization and diversification at the country and regional level: introducing a conceptual framework to study innovation policy logics. European Planning Studies. https://doi.org/10.1080/09654313.2018.1529142

Your Account menu in Tamcat changes 9 October

In Tamcat the menu on Your Account section will move to another place on Tuesday 9 October. Currently the horizontal menu is at the top of the page. From Tuesday the vertical menu will be found on the left side … Lue loppuun

Submit your acquisition request to the Library in October at the latest

Acquisition of information resources at Tampere University Library has to be paused for November and December 2018 because of the merging process of Tampere3 libraries. The acquisition of resources will continue as usual until the end of October. That means … Lue loppuun

New open access book outlines the theories of higher education management

As an interdisciplinary field of study, higher education research is still underdeveloped in terms of theoretical matureness and rigour. The new open access book Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives on Higher Education Management and Transformation: An advanced reader for PhD students … Lue loppuun

Linna’s Silent Reading Room opens after renovation 3 September at 8.00

Welcome to the renewed Silent Reading Room in Linna library next week! Silent Reading Room is available again from Monday, 3 September at 8.00. During the renovation the Reading Room’s electricity was renewed and the walls were painted. The larger … Lue loppuun

Autumn semester opening hours in the Library from 27 August

Linna library serves according to autumn semester opening hours from Monday, 27 August. Arvo library shifted to the autumn opening hours two weeks ago. Silent Reading Room in Linna is closed because of renovation until 2 September. At the beginning … Lue loppuun

Data Management Plan Workshop for Academy of Finland call

Come and learn how to create a data management plan for Academy of Finland September 2018 call by participating the Library’s workshop! Each session will have a short introduction to data management and to Academy of Finland guidelines. DMPTuuli data … Lue loppuun

Linna and Arvo libraries in self-service use 15 August

On Wednesday, 15 August, the staff of Tampere University Library and other Tampere3 libraries (TUT, TAMK) will have a training day. On that day the premises of Linna and Arvo libraries are available for the customers during the opening hours … Lue loppuun

Arvo library shifts to autumn semester opening hours 13 August

Arvo library on Kauppi campus shifts to autumn semester opening hours Monday 13 August when new medical students start their work. Arvo library is open from Monday to Thursday between 8.00 and 17.00, customer service from 9.00 to 17. 00, … Lue loppuun