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Is neoliberalism ubiquitous? by Risto Heiskala

What is neoliberalism? The simple answer is that it is market fundamentalism according to which markets are the best organizational solution to all societal needs. Thus public sectors should be made as minimal as possible and even the remaining part should be, according to the New Public Management doctrine, run as it were a private firm. Continue reading

Secessions Within Federalism: A Cure for Destructive Nationalism – Catalonia and the EU by Robert Imre

Catalonia is yet another political case that demonstrates the necessity of strengthening a federal construct in the EU. Now that Britain is on the way out, and a major critic of federalism as a viable political option will no longer … Continue reading

‘Universal Access’? I think not! – Australia’s Approach to Early Childhood Education and Care by Zsuzsa Millei and Jannelle Gallagher

The expansion of early childhood education in Australia to allow access to a structured and play-based early learning program to all children in the year before they enter school is meant to be a universal access policy. In 2009, the … Continue reading

Rational journalism?

Rational argumentation s t r i k e s   b a c k by Esa Reunanen On 12 December 2015, a Finnish current affairs television talk show, Press Club (Pressiklubi), published on their Facebook page a parody of a … Continue reading

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays! by Jessica de Bloom The end of the year is approaching and most of us are eager to start the Christmas holiday in order to recover from busy working weeks. Deadlines at work, Christmas shopping and numerous “pikkujoulut” … Continue reading

Migrant Crisis & Germany

Reflections on German Nationalism and the ‘Migrant Crisis’ in Europe Text by Robert Imre, Photos by Heikki A. Kovalainen Editor’s Note: In the article, Robert Imre, Senior Researcher at IASR, takes up the case of Germany with regard to the potential … Continue reading

Sep ’15: Can the EU Survive?

Can the European Union survive? Text by Risto Heiskala, (based on the IASR Lecture in September, 2015) Brussels Photos by Mika Kukkonen Editor’s note: In the article, the Director of the Institute for Advanced Social Research, Professor Risto Heiskala, discusses the current … Continue reading

May ’15: Art and Public Space

Text and photos by Jarkko Bamberg Art has been a recurring topic throughout the current academic year in the IASR. We have discussed the relationship between science and art, particularly the ways art can inform and affect our academic work. … Continue reading

Apr ’15: What is Accounting?

Accounting? To some extent yes, but this is not the whole truth… What is Accounting? by Hannele Mäkelä The question concerning the core nature of the “dull and unimaginative” field of accounting never stops to fascinate (at least some of) … Continue reading