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Pokémon GO Plus: The challenge of casual pervasive gaming?

Our research projects have explored the directions of pervasive gaming and more general ludification trends in culture and society. One of the success stories of last year was Pokémon GO, the location-based mobile by Niantic (a Google spin-off) and Pokémon Company. When winter came, the player numbers dropped: at least in Finnish winter is became … Continue reading ”Pokémon GO Plus: The challenge of casual pervasive gaming?”

Note on Pokémon Go: fantasy of collecting and exploring “urban nature”

For those of us who started doing r&d on location-based mobile games decade or two ago, the exploding popularity of Pokémon Go has been exciting, but also perhaps a bit bewildering to follow. There have been many games that have exploited the collaborative, competitive, user-created or spatially based functionalities of augmented reality play in more … Continue reading ”Note on Pokémon Go: fantasy of collecting and exploring “urban nature””

Pelien vetovoimasta ja “koukuttavuudesta”

[My views on games’ holding power and “addictiveness”.] Hiljattain toimittaja kyseli minulta sähköpostitse näkemyksiä siitä, mikä tekee Angry Birdsin kaltaisesta mobiilipelistä “koukuttavan” ja ovatko tällaiset pelit kenties addiktiivisempia (eli riippuvuutta aiheuttavia) verrattuna perinteisiin tietokonepeleihin. Hesarissa julkaistu juttu oli lopulta supistunut … Continue reading