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Special track CFP: Organizational Hybridity and Fluidity

Just received good news from Italy. Together with Dr. .Jukka Huhtamäki we will be hosting a Special Track on “Organizational Hybridity and Fluidity: Possibilities and Challenges for Knowledge Management” at IFKAD. Hybridity and organizational fluidity are phenomena that are increasingly challenging management. These phenomena blur the previously clear boundaries separating professions and organizational entities, and […]

Once upon a time…

…and actually not so long ago (17.-18.4.2018), I participated the Art of Management Symposium at the Cass Business School in London. I  presented a paper, and this particular piece of work was titled “Making …

Societal impact and finding the right audience for research

There has been an increasing emphasis on the importance of generating academic knowledge that achieves broader impact and creates social value. Both public and private funders are eager to support research that brings together academic and non-academic collaborators, engages the public, and generates research outcomes that are relevant in the real world. This trend is… Read More »

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Humans in Organizations: Leadership, Conflicts and Learning

“Leadership today […] is about unlearning management and relearning being human.” This thought-provoking quotation is from an article, published a few days ago at Harvard Business Review‘s website under a …

Guidelines for managing knowledge-intensive organizations

During the past twenty years, a vast amount of academic work has been done in the area of managing knowledge-intensive organizations. Our recent literature review synthesizes the discussion on the management of knowledge-intensive organizations and answers two research questions: first, what are the key characteristics of knowledge-intensive organizations and knowledge work, and second, what are […]