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Learning to experiment

I have been recently thinking why I feel that I’ve not really made any real progress in my photography for the last few years. There are a few periods when some kind of leap has seemed to take place; e.g. when I moved into using my first DSRL, and also in the early days of … Continue reading ”Learning to experiment”

Humans in Organizations: Leadership, Conflicts and Learning

“Leadership today […] is about unlearning management and relearning being human.” This thought-provoking quotation is from an article, published a few days ago at Harvard Business Review‘s website under a …

Peer review – taakka vai mahdollisuus?

Sain tänä vuonna toista kertaa peräkkäin ’Outstanding reviewer’ -palkinnon Journal of Intellectual capital –lehdestä. Hieno kunnianosoitus, ainakin itse arvostan tätä korkealle. Sen arvoinen juttu, että pieni bloggaus on tarpeen. Ei vain oman palkinnon vinkkelistä, vaan koko review-touhun osalta. Reviewerina toimiminen on mielestäni tärkeää monesta vinkkelistä. Vaikka se yhdestä näkökulmasta teettääkin hieman lisätyötä, niin toisesta näkökulmasta […]

Tech Tips for New Students

There are many useful practices and tools that can be recommended for new university students; many good study practices are pretty universal, but then there are also elements that relate to what one studies, where one studies – to the institutional or disciplinary frames of academic work. A student that works on a degree in … Continue reading ”Tech Tips for New Students”