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Just for the likes?

Using Facebook and Twitter today, like we do these days, liking and sharing and retweeting, it again came to me how complex these basic actions actually, fundamentally are. We click an update to express support, to say “me too”, or just to send a social presence (phatic) style of update: our connection is still working. … Continue reading ”Just for the likes?”

Sanna Malinen’s PhD defence

Today researcher Sanna Malinen defended her PhD thesis in the University of Tampere. The opponent in the public defence was professor Pekka Räsänen from the University of Turku, professor Frans Mäyrä acted as the custos. The abstract and download link to the full, PDF version of the dissertation, titled Sociability and Sense of Community among … Continue reading ”Sanna Malinen’s PhD defence”

Master’s Degree Programme in Internet and Game Studies

Note that there are still a few days left to apply to study in our Games and Internet Studies master’s degree programme, see: http://www.uta.fi/sis/admissions/programmes/igs.html http://www.uta.fi/admissions/degreeprog/programmes/igs.html http://www.uta.fi/sis/en/iti/mastersprogramme/igs.html http://gamelab.uta.fi Master’s Degree Programme in Internet and Game Studies (120 ECTS credits) Programme: Internet and … Continue reading