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The future lies in evolutionary reforms

Government renewals are in pendular motion – Researchers hope for longer-term systematic decision-making

Managing knowledge in hybrids

Few weeks ago, I had a presentation at 15th International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning conference. My participation was made possible by the grant from Foundation for Economic Education. Many thanks to the foundation for supporting my work! I have been around in knowledge management research for 15 years and this […]

Knowledge management and hybrid governance

Just finalized and submitted a short abstract. What else would a researcher do on a beautiful Saturday morning? In my abstract, I discuss the implications of increasing hybridization on strategic knowledge management. The actual article will use illustrative case examples to pinpoint some of the critical knowledge management questions that arise from the collaboration of […]

Is neoliberalism ubiquitous? by Risto Heiskala

What is neoliberalism? The simple answer is that it is market fundamentalism according to which markets are the best organizational solution to all societal needs. Thus public sectors should be made as minimal as possible and even the remaining part should be, according to the New Public Management doctrine, run as it were a private firm. Continue reading