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New and ‘old’ CBIR students together in the Winter School in St. Petersburg

For the first time in the history of the double degree programme in Cross-Border International Relations we had both first-year and second-year Master’s students attending the same seasonal school. There were Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg and Tampere students of the 2017 … Continue reading

An interesting thesis on Kyrgyzstan and the Eurasian Economic Union

Anna Laitinen graduated from the Master’s Programme in Russian and Eurasian Studies/Cross-Border International Relations in December. She was a double degree student and in addition to graduating from Tampere, she also graduated from the St. Petersburg State University. Please check … Continue reading

EduMAP good practice cases

A total of 40 ‘good practice’ cases from 20 countries were studied during the project. Examples of good practices have been sought in the EU and Turkey. This section will…

EduMAP country-based working papers

This section contains working papers based on key sections of the “WP3 review of educational initiatives (good practices)” and “WP4 communicative ecologies in the field of adult education” country-based reports….

Combining qualitative and quantitative data in the EduMAP IDSS

I wrote a blog post on the challenges we have faced during the development of the EduMAP IDSS back in April. A lot has happened since. Many of the original…

How to bring vulnerable young adults to adult education opportunities using social media channels?

One goal of the EduMAP project has been to develop better adult education access strategies for young vulnerable adults using social media. The initial intention in the project proposal was…

EduMAP at the Finnish Educational Research Association (FERA) Conference on Education, Tampere, 15-16 November 2018

EduMAP project will have a strong presence at the FERA Conference on Education 2018 at the University of Tampere, on multiple fora. This year’s theme of the conference is Virtue, Truth…

Presentations from the ECER2018 session “Adult Education and Inclusion”

The role of Adult Education in social inclusion of young adults: insights from the Horizon 2020 project (EduMAP) By Hanna Toiviainen, Paula Kuusipalo, Natasha Kersh, Pirkko Pitkänen The role of…

New graduates from our programme!

We have two new graduates from the Master’s Programme in Russian and European Studies (RES)/Cross Border International Relations (CBIR) in Tampere: Yuliya Trubachyova and Francesco Durante.  Congratulations, Yuliya and Francesco! Yuliya and Francesco also successfully defended their theses in St. … Continue reading

5th CBIR Spring School in Petrozavodsk opened on Monday

Master’s programme in Cross-Border International Relations (former CBU) started its 5th seasonal school in Petrozavodsk on Monday  21st May. Eighteen students from Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg and Tampere take part in the school/FIRST intensive course. Students learn about the past and … Continue reading