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Photos in the dark

Winter is dark here. It is a bit challenging to engage in photography under such conditions. For example, the dark translates into long exposure times, or blurred or underexposed photos, or both. On the other hand, difficult conditions can also function as creative challenges. It is interesting to find tones in the dark, hues and … Continue reading ”Photos in the dark”

New publication on specialisation and diversification

Cai, Y., Normann, R., Pinheiro, R. & Sotarauta, M. 2018. Economic specialization and diversification at the country and regional level: introducing a conceptual framework to study innovation policy logics. European Planning Studies. https://doi.org/10.1080/09654313.2018.1529142

Vegan Tampere

I’ve been a vegetarian for about 10 years and vegan for about 2 years. I decided to follow these diets for environmental reasons and also for animal rights. Some people…

Student unions, associations, clubs, hobbies, and volunteering

‘Student union’ refers to the Finnish lawful student union of universities, and ‘student association’ refers to any other student association. Within academia, I feel that it is easy to get…

What’s up with Finnish Student Associations?

This blog post was originally published in: https://blog.finlanduniversity.com/topic/student-stories  If you get accepted to one of our Master’s degree programmes, you will sooner or later get an e-mail from your responsible…

Stuff you should know before going to Finland

This blog post was originally published in: https://blog.finlanduniversity.com/topic/student-stories  Mystery Nordic country Before I moved to study in Finland, I kept having conversations like these: – I am going to study…

Populism in the shadow of neoliberalism – the Finnish case by Jorma Sipilä

As for populism, we speak of mass movements of adults, who feel severe dissatisfaction. They have lost jobs, money, security and undergone unfairness and insults by public and private institutions. All this has led to pessimism towards the mainstream culture … Continue reading

Internship – how to boost your career

Hey lovely international students! In addition to the series of texts dedicated to job hunting in Finland, I would like to put your attention into finding and doing an internship,…

Job opportunities for international students in Tampere

Foreign students can often be discouraged from applying to study in Tampere. This is because many believe that it can be difficult to find a part-time job to support themselves….

Three important steps to find a student job in Finland

Finding a job seems to be a very controversial topic for the new comers, especially international students in Finland. I remember before arriving here, I was searching for jobs in…