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Corporate-stakeholder Collaboration as a Means Towards Sustainability: An Academic Perspective.

Mid-March, Tampere University hosted the 7th edition of the Responsible Business Research Seminar. This seminar is oriented to discuss and share insights on business responsibility, sustainability and ethics. The seminar was organised by the RESPMAN Research Group from the Tampere University, with the financial support of the Foundation for Economic Education. The two-day seminar took… Read More »

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The Rule of Law and Human Rights Are Intricately Intertwined

“Nationalism, corruption, polarization and populism. Undermining of human rights, separation of powers and hasty law-making”. These are all issues that were identified as major contemporary or future threats to the rule of law in the conference “How can we protect the rule of law”, held on 5th of February 2019 in Tampere University. The conference… Read More »

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Managerial choices in orchestrating dialogic performance management

Performance information in the public sector has been described as uncomprehensive, ambiguous and subjective. Interpreting this type of performance information has increased the need for using a performance dialogue, a process in which people discuss the interpretation of performance information and the actions needed to improve performance. The suggestion to use performance dialogues is based […]

Managing knowledge in hybrids

Few weeks ago, I had a presentation at 15th International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning conference. My participation was made possible by the grant from Foundation for Economic Education. Many thanks to the foundation for supporting my work! I have been around in knowledge management research for 15 years and this […]

Smart Specialization, Policy Traps and Place Leadership

Smart specialization has rapidly acquired a central position in European Union’s regional development strategies. The basic principles of it are highly appealing and to be warmly welcomed. The Ideal Smart specialization is, in words of Heimeriks and Balland, about identifying ‘the unique characteristics and assets of each region that highlight region’s competitive advantages’. As an… Read More »

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Special track CFP: Organizational Hybridity and Fluidity

Just received good news from Italy. Together with Dr. .Jukka Huhtamäki we will be hosting a Special Track on “Organizational Hybridity and Fluidity: Possibilities and Challenges for Knowledge Management” at IFKAD. Hybridity and organizational fluidity are phenomena that are increasingly challenging management. These phenomena blur the previously clear boundaries separating professions and organizational entities, and […]

Climate change calls for pessimism?

The future appears bleak, even though there are some positive news, such as a decrease in people living in absolute poverty, an increase in life expectancy, and better health care for more people. Yet, these are also reasons for concern. Wealthier people who live longer consume and travel more, thus burdening the environmental systems of… Read More »

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Why is dialogue on performance challenging?

Scholars have argued that public organizations use performance information mainly for advocacy and lack the ability to engage in goal-based learning (Moynihan, 2005) and that the instrumental use of performance information (i.e., a direct link between measurement and judgment) happens only rarely (e.g., Pollitt, 2006; Van Dooren and Van De Walle, 2008). When the direct […]

Taking security seriously

What is security? Years ago in 2005 I was invited by my British colleagues to contribute to The SAGE Dictionary of Criminology by writing an 1500 words entry “Security”. The entry and the definition in the beginning of it has obviously been good (enough) because it has been published also in the following editions (3rd… Read More »

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The new media and the Strasbourg Court

Gathering good practices and identifying new trends In the new media landscape, there is an unprecedented challenge to balance freedom of expression and the right to privacy. New legal problems surface due to the technological advancement. The right to be forgotten was not similar scale problem in the time of print media as it is… Read More »

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