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Roleplaying at Work: The Game

As our group task we decided to make a game about different problems in the workplace. By playing this game you can practice your dialogue and problem-solving skills. The four characters of the game are based on Kantor´s four-player system. … Continue reading

Humans in Organizations: Leadership, Conflicts and Learning

“Leadership today […] is about unlearning management and relearning being human.” This thought-provoking quotation is from an article, published a few days ago at Harvard Business Review‘s website under a …

Dialogue game

Link: Game We made a game as a part of the course Dialogue: Constructive Talk at Work. The game is for practicing dialogue skills in working environment. It is a work in progress, and anyone can make it more suitable for … Continue reading

Cards Against Conflict

This game was invented in an English course KKENVAL4 where we were practicing dialogue skills. Our group wanted to work on conflict skills and this game is the end product of that process. We were inspired by the dialogue practices … Continue reading

Conflict in the workplace

“Conflicts are common in workplaces. Dealing with them is important. In this video we are going to show you two situations of conflicts in the workplace and examples of do’s and dont’s.” Group 1, spring 2016 (link to video)