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Discussing indicators in research funding: What role do altmetrics play?

At any rate, altmetrics, or alternative metrics, are gaining momentum in higher education (Holmberg, 2016). This post is based on my master’s thesis (Fraumann, 2017) that explores the usage of altmetrics with a focus on research funding. Altmetrics track down and count the mentions of scholarly outputs in social media, news sites, policy papers, and… Read More »

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Researcher, it’s time to enrol in Research Information Management course

It’s still time to enrol in Managing Research Information online course until 28 February. On this course you can update your information management skills for the benefit of your own research. The themes are information seeking, measuring impact or visibility of research, managing research data and open science. The course (2 ETCS) … Lue loppuun

Learn about visibility of research and Altmetric Explorer tool in a webinar 18 April

Researcher, are you familiar with altmetrics and Altmetric Explorer tool? Get to know them or update your competence in a webinar on Tuesday, 18 April at 17:00. Webinar is organized by Altmetric Explorer service. This 45 minutes long webinar introduces … Lue loppuun

Track the visibility of your research – learn about altmetrics in a webinar 26.1.

Academic reseach is discussed on social media and other forums on the Web but how does the researcher in question know about it? This kind of visibility of the research is measured by altmetrics and Tampere University Library offers the … Lue loppuun