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Esityksen tallentaminen ja julkaiseminen Adobe Connectilla

Tämä blogipostaus kuvailee Adobe Connect -esityksen tallentamisen ja julkaisun. Teksti pohjautuu Eija Peltosen ohjevideoon, joka on nähtävissä alla. Ohjeissa luodaan ensin kokoushuone ja katsotaan alkujärjestelyt kuntoon. Tärkeää on käydä läpi …

Note on working with PDFs and digital signatures

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are a pretty standard element in academic and business life these days. It is sort of a compromise, a tool for living life that is partly based on traditional paper documents and their conventions, and part on new, digital functionalities. A PDF file should maintain the appearance of the document … Continue reading ”Note on working with PDFs and digital signatures”

OneNote 2016 PDF import issues

The Surface Pro 4 that I am using is a versatile device and particularly strong in reading and commenting digital documents. I am regularly working on articles, seminar essays, thesis manuscripts and book lenght work, and it is really nice to be able to type text quickly like with a regular laptop, then flip the … Continue reading ”OneNote 2016 PDF import issues”