The first blog post

Radio drama script.


K: Konstantinos Drossos, post-doctoral researcher at Tampere University of Technology, signal processing, blog editor
M: Meri Kytö, post-doctoral researcher at University of Tampere, music studies, blog editor

[SFX: b/g dry office ambiance, ventilation hum, occasional tapping of keyboard]


[SFX: knocking on door]

M: Kostas, do you have a minute? We should talk about the blog, the Sound Research Network blog? We should write something together to introduce it, get it going.

K: Hi Meri, yes sure… OK. We should talk about the purpose of the blog first?

[SFX: (pause in dialogue) ventilation hum]

M: Yeah, it would be good to go through what we want to accomplish. [pause] My main thoughts are, that if we are – and I guess we are – to keep the Network up and running we’d need the blog to be the hub of the network, like a more grassroots level, peer-to-peer, research and discussion oriented forum that even students could relate to. To introduce our Network members and what they are up to.

K: I imagine that we need to be not focused only on the technical aspects but, on the same time, not focused only on the cognitive or philosophical aspects. [pause] I guess that we want to bridge the gap of all the different views on sound and promote interdisciplinary approaches. Right?

M: Yes… it should definitely be accessible to all network members, written in a way that it addresses all members? Or at least tries to be understandable and if possible, topical in the region. Current events, research, topics, happenings, discussions, people… Every post should somehow, in some level, recognize the fact that it is a multidisciplinary forum that is trying to attract new people and new perspectives.

[SFX: people passing the office, footsteps]

K: Yeah. I’d propose that it would be good to have interviews from relevant fields not directly associated with audio research, but the interview would highlight the connection of that field with research on audio. For example, machine learning, psychology, biology… These interviews could be with people from outside Finland, in order to provide more sight to what is been done abroad.

M: Sure, discussing with current research would be good. A blog is a quick and easy tool for that, yeah. There isn’t many forums in Finland that do this, at least not as broad in disciplines as our Network.

[SFX: sipping coffee (paper cup)]

K: Also, I think that we must also include dissemination of scientific results. For example, we could ask from the people of the Network to inform the blog about their new publications so we can share them? In the long term, the blog could be a platform to openly share research data and/or results. But this is for the long term…

[SFX: writing on keyboard, sipping coffee (paper cup)]

M: And the format of each post could vary according to the writer. If someone would like to post a video or a podcast that would be ok, right? An interview format would be good every now and then. I have a few ideas.

K: Me too… So, what would you like to do for our first post?


****Join the Sound Research Network! The network is intended for the researchers, teachers and students at TAMK, UTA and TUT who work in the different fields of sound (e.g., music, vocology, signals, acoustics, listening, composing, urban planning, media, soundscape and sound technology etc.). Check out the upcoming events. The network has an e-list. If you want to join it send a message to the moderator: meri.kyto (a)****