Open house – week coming soon!

Unipoli Sport´s open house is coming again (3rd – 9th September). Open house means that you get to try out our group exercise classes, ball games and gyms free of charge for one week. So this is a good chance to come and test our services and make a decision to start sport activity. Check out our Selection calender to see what sort of activities we have!

Unipoli Sport’s services are open to all TUT, UTA and TAMK students and the universities’ employees. You get to use these services by paying sports fee to your home university.
Read more about sports fee:


The new payment period starts on 1st August – Come to enjoy our services!

Unipoli Sport’s services are open to all TUT, UTA and TAMK students and employees. You can get the right to use services at all campusses by paying the Unipoli Sport Sports fee for ongoing season.

The new academic year – and the new sports fee payment period – begins 1st August.

The access rights for another campus´ sports facilities should be applies separately for each payment period. This means that if sports fee is paid for only one semester at a time (autumn/spring), also the access rights need to be applied for one semester at time. If the fee is paid for the entire year at a time, the acces rights needs to be applied once a year before the new season starts.

Read more about the Sports fee and terms of use here.

The price list for year 2018-2019:







42 € 

47 € 



46 € 

51 € 

Entire Year 


72 € 

82 € 

One time fee 


6 € 

6 € 

* At TUT the employer pays a half of the employee´s sports fee. TUT employers can pay the sports fee only half a year at time.
* At TAMK: Students who are not members of Tamko student organization have the higher prices.
* Prices incl. 10% VAT (excl. TUrVoKe ry)

Summer 2018 exceptional openinghours

During summertime there are renovation and repairing works done at all campusses. For this reason sports venues are closed for a limited time. These closure times are different at all campusses so there is always one sports venue to use at all times.
During closures also the group exercise classes are on break.

Kesän 2018 sulkuajat:

  • Hervanta: Closed 21 June at 2pm-24 June and 2-8 July
  • Kauppi: Closed 22 June – 1 July. (Closed at 4pm on 21 June)
  • City center: Closed 9-29 July

Check the Facility Calendar for more specific daily info regarding the opening hours. Please get the access rights to all campuses on time if you would like to use the facilities during summer!

Give a name for the city center´s new outdoor gym

New outdoor gym is in the making at the City Center campus. It is situated in the Uta Main Building courtyard and replaces tennis court. Now it´s time to make up a name for this new sports venue. Do you have a good name in mind?

Unipoli Sport organizes a name contest to find a proper name.
The name contest is running 23.5.-6.6.2018.  We will draw one Unipoli Sport sports fee for autumn (1.8.-31.12.2018) among all the name contest participants.

You can give your suggestion via e-form:

New outdoor gym is almost ready at UTA campus.

Summer opening hours start on Mon 14 May

Summer season on sports facilities starts on Mon 14 May and lasts until 2nd September. Repairing works on all campuses during summer causes closures on all campusses. There is still always at least one campus open all the time.

THE SUMMER OPENING HOURS (14.5.-2.9.2018):

Hervanta: Mon-Fri 6am-9pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Sun CLOSED
*Closed 2-8 July

Kauppi: Mon-Fri 6am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-6pm
*Closed 22 June – 1 July. (Closed at 6pm on 21 June)

City center: Mon-Fri 7am-9pm, Sat-Sun CLOSED (2-6 July: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun CLOSED)
*Closed 9-29 July

Check the Facility Calendar for more specific daily info regarding the opening hours. You can also check when the facilities are reserved. The Selection Calendar shows you the daily sports selection, which is offered to the Unipoli Sport members. Check both calendars and start using them regularly!

Applying for a fixed ball game slot for semester 2018-2019

Unipoli Sport has sports halls on every campus and it is possible to apply for a fixed time slots for them. Fixed time slots mean slots that are reserved for the whole academic year (or only for one term). Slots can only be applied for from your home university and only for the students and staff of Unipoli Sport universities.

The fixed time slots for 20182019 academic year are applied by the end of May.

Read more about applying from here or contact the Heads of Sport Services.