UTA tennis court open also during the summer break

UTA tennis court is open for Unipoli Sport customers!

Reservations from Selection Calendar (outdoor ball games). Further information from Unipoli Sport website.

During the summer break of the Atalpa sports centre on 1-30 July, you can book the court from the Selection Calendar. The court is paid for when you collect the key at the info desk of the Main building on weekdays at 8.00-15.45.

Outdoor Workout – a new class in the group exercise selection!

A new class in the group exercise class selection for the summer is Outdoor Workout organized at TUT and TAMK. Outdoor Workout is effective workout done outside with your body weight and also with some equipment.

See examples of the class in the video below and join us! All the exercises are easily modified to everyone’s own physical condition, which makes this class suitable for everyone! You can do the shown exercises easier or more challenging to find your own challenge level. The class is held inside in the group exercise room in case of rain.

Outdoor Workout at TUT on Wed at 4-5 PM
Outdoor Workout at TAMK on Fri 9-10 AM

See the video. 

Mystery event is now published!

Unipoli Sport participates in Finland100-theme year by publishing different sport challenges during the year. In December, a special challenge event is organized.

Challenges and pictures along the way will be published by Unipoli Sport on Facebook in appr. every five weeks and additionally everyone participating in the challenges can publish their own challenges. Pictures are also published on Instagram. Join the challenges using hashtag #Unipolisport100 and the national #Suomi100.

Challenges will continue until December when a special event will be organized. The event is held on Monday 4 December at 3-6 PM and it is open for the students and staff members of UTA, TUT and TAMK. The main challenges by Unipoli Sport will be organized in the event and the participants performing the best will be rewarded. Additionally, there will be snacks, other happenings and group exercise. Special product gifts are also raffled amond the participants. More info about the event later but you can already now add the event to your calendar!

More information will be published on the event’s Facebook-page.

More information in a separate pdf-file.

Archery tag tournament in May

Archery Tag tournament 31 May at 4-8 pm. Nalkala park (Nalkalan puisto near Hämeenpuisto)

The game idea is the same than in paintball or dodgeball. The main thing is to shoot with the soft point arrow against opponents and eliminate the players.

The blade of the arrow is soft and all the players have a helmet/mask, which protects faces from the hits.

There should be at least 5 players in one team (there can be substitutes). One game takes max. 5 minutes and that team, who has more players than the other, or has eliminated all team players from the other team, is the winner. In the draw situation, there will be a precision shooting.

There should be at least 6 teams, that the tournament will be held. The tournament fee is 10€/person.

The prize will be Ravintola.fi gift card (value 100€)!


More information and information about the enrolment will be published here in the beginning of May.