Mystery event is near!

Unipoli Sport participates in Finland100-theme year by publishing different sport challenges during the year. In December, a special challenge event is organized.

Challenges and pictures along the way will be published by Unipoli Sport on Facebook in appr. every five weeks and additionally everyone participating in the challenges can publish their own challenges. Pictures are also published on Instagram. Join the challenges using hashtag #Unipolisport100 and the national #Suomi100.

Challenges will continue until December when a special event will be organized. The event is held on Monday 4 December at 3-6 PM and it is open for the students and staff members of UTA, TUT and TAMK. The main challenges by Unipoli Sport will be organized in the event and the participants performing the best will be rewarded. Additionally, there will be snacks, other happenings and group exercise. Special product gifts are also raffled amond the participants. More info about the event later but you can already now add the event to your calendar!

More information will be published on the event’s Facebook-page.

More information in a separate pdf-file.

Open house 11-17 September

Unipoli Sport has Open House in three campuses during 11-17 September for the students and staff members of UTA, TUT and TAMK.

During the Open House week, all the group exercise classes, the use of the gyms and the general activity slots of ball games are free of charge! Please show your student/staff card at the reception. Welcome!

Bicycle event at each campus

Unipoli Sport provides you with a bicycle repair service that is free of charge. Bicycle doctors will do minor repairs to your bike. The bicycle repair service itself is free of charge but please have some cash on you for the spare parts, in case any are needed. Get a bicycle map and tips to biking in the city.

TAMK – Mon 11th Sept at 12-4pm, courtyard next to Teiskontie
UTA – Tue 12th Sept at 12-4pm, bike shelter behind the main building
– Buy a repaired bicycle 12-2pm
TUT – Wed 13th Sept at 12-4pm, bike shelter next to Tamppi Areena.

Applying for access rights from other campuses is now even easier!

Sports fee payment receipt is not needed anymore as you apply access rights from other campuses. See further info below also if you are a new student and don’t have a student card yet.

1. Unipoli Sport fee is paid at your home university: where you are studying or working.

2. Access rights to your own university’s sports facilities are loaded automatically onto your student/staff card or access key.

3. Access rights to the other universities must be requested personally from the university in question, before which the use of sports facilities in other universities is not possible.

  • The access rights need to be requested separately for each academic year or according to the payment period.
  • You need to have a picture student/staff card with you. TAMK students with no picture student card need to have a picture ID.
  • Payment receipt is not needed. Our staff can see the payments from online register. There is a 1-3 day delay in updating of payments to this register. Take a payment receipt with you if you pick up access rights immediately after payment.
  • Please notice, that it is not possible to use any of the sports services (including courses, badminton etc.) in other universities before you have applied for the access rights!
  • Please enter customer service and show a picture ID each time using our services if you are a new student and don’t have a student card yet

Access card must be scanned to the reader each time you visit the sports facilities!

Applying for access rights at TUT

Applying for access rights at TAMK

  • For students and staff of TUT and UTA
  • Sports Arena customer service
  • The access rights are loaded immediately or at the latest the following day

Applying for access rights at UTA

  • For students and staff of TUT and TAMK
  • Atalpa reception, open when the sports services are open
  • The access rights are loaded immediately onto your card

Outdoor Workout – a new class in the group exercise selection!

A new class in the group exercise class selection for the summer is Outdoor Workout organized at TUT and TAMK. Outdoor Workout is effective workout done outside with your body weight and also with some equipment.

See examples of the class in the video below and join us! All the exercises are easily modified to everyone’s own physical condition, which makes this class suitable for everyone! You can do the shown exercises easier or more challenging to find your own challenge level. The class is held inside in the group exercise room in case of rain.

Outdoor Workout at TUT on Wed at 4-5 PM
Outdoor Workout at TAMK on Fri 9-10 AM

See the video.