Unipoli Sport takes part in National Back Day on Mon 16.10.

On Monday 16.10. is National Back Day in TUT and Unipoli Sport organize little things for students and staff members.

On Monday all the group exercise classes in Tamppi Arena are open for students and staff members in TUT, UTA and TAMK. Sport fee is not required so take your students friend/colleague with you.

At 10 Foam rolling (Back theme)

At 15 PUMP!

At 16 Sweat (staff class)

At 16.30 TAB

At 17.30 Attack

At 18.30 Stretching (Back theme)

Unipoli Sport offers for staff members of TUT a little break during the working day arranging break workouts in Campusarena. Sport fee is not required. Instructor is Unipoli Sport Personal Trainer Johanna Kutvonen.

Place: Campusarena Boosteri meeting room

Time (choose the group which is suitable for you):

Group 1 at 13.00-13.10

Group 2 at 13.20-13.30

Group 3 at 13.40-13.50

Keep your back in good shape and join us! 🙂

Massage in Atalpa on Mondays

Massage therapist Virve Raittinen offers you classic massage and Indian head massage at Atalpa building on Mondays.

Booking the appointment

Please make a reservation via Unipoli Sport Selection Calendar (personal services). Massage time slots are on Mondays at 12-13.45. The length of a massage is 45 minutes. Cancellation should be made by previous Sunday at 12.00. After this you please make the cancellation to Virve Raittinen by phone. € 30 will be charged in case of no-show.


Payments in cash, please have even money with you. See the price list.

Mystery event is near!

Unipoli Sport participates in Finland100-theme year by publishing different sport challenges during the year. In December, a special challenge event is organized.

Challenges and pictures along the way will be published by Unipoli Sport on Facebook in appr. every five weeks and additionally everyone participating in the challenges can publish their own challenges. Pictures are also published on Instagram. Join the challenges using hashtag #Unipolisport100 and the national #Suomi100.

Challenges will continue until December when a special event will be organized. The event is held on Monday 4 December at 3-6 PM and it is open for the students and staff members of UTA, TUT and TAMK. The main challenges by Unipoli Sport will be organized in the event and the participants performing the best will be rewarded. Additionally, there will be snacks, other happenings and group exercise. Special product gifts are also raffled amond the participants. More info about the event later but you can already now add the event to your calendar!

More information will be published on the event’s Facebook-page.

More information in a separate pdf-file.