The new payment period starts on 1st August – Come to enjoy our services!

Unipoli Sport’s services are open to all TUT, UTA and TAMK students and employees. You can get the right to use services at all campusses by paying the Unipoli Sport Sports fee for ongoing season.

The new academic year – and the new sports fee payment period – begins 1st August.

The access rights for another campus´ sports facilities should be applies separately for each payment period. This means that if sports fee is paid for only one semester at a time (autumn/spring), also the access rights need to be applied for one semester at time. If the fee is paid for the entire year at a time, the acces rights needs to be applied once a year before the new season starts.

Read more about the Sports fee and terms of use here.

The price list for year 2018-2019:







42 € 

47 € 



46 € 

51 € 

Entire Year 


72 € 

82 € 

One time fee 


6 € 

6 € 

* At TUT the employer pays a half of the employee´s sports fee. TUT employers can pay the sports fee only half a year at time.
* At TAMK: Students who are not members of Tamko student organization have the higher prices.
* Prices incl. 10% VAT (excl. TUrVoKe ry)


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