Summer 2018 exceptional openinghours

During summertime there are renovation and repairing works done at all campusses. For this reason sports venues are closed for a limited time. These closure times are different at all campusses so there is always one sports venue to use at all times.
During closures also the group exercise classes are on break.

Kesän 2018 sulkuajat:

  • Hervanta: Closed 21 June at 2pm-24 June and 2-8 July
  • Kauppi: Closed 22 June – 1 July. (Closed at 4pm on 21 June)
  • City center: Closed 9-29 July

Check the Facility Calendar for more specific daily info regarding the opening hours. Please get the access rights to all campuses on time if you would like to use the facilities during summer!


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