Unipoli Sport search new group exercise instructors for autumn 2018

Unipoli Sport is now looking for new group exercise instructors for all three campuses for Autumn 2018. Instructors are needed for all types of group exercise classes. You can get to know our group exercise selection on our website. Work is part-time and mostly in evening-time.

Applications can be filled online until 6th May:

More information:
– UTA, Head of University Sports, Kirsi Mänty, kirsi.manty@staff.uta.fi, 050 421 1065
– TAMK, Head of Sport Services, Esko Tirkkonen, esko.tirkkonen@tamk.fi, 050 593 2552
– TUT, Head of Sport Services, Markku Tamminen, markku.tamminen@tut.fi, 050 591 8059


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