Recommendations for University Sports (2018)

New recommendations for University Sports were published on 1st March 2018. Previous recommendations were from year 2011.The new recommendations include two new themes: Reducing daily sitting and increasing activity in the higher education environment.

Reducing sitting enhance health

The aim of these recommendations is to mobilise more and more university students because according to current information, only one third of them is moving sufficiently and, in addition, the majority of higher education students are sitting on a daily basis for about 8-9 hours, and half of them sits more than 9 hours. Studies show that too much sitting is a risk for health that cannot be compensated only with exercise.

Reducing daily sitting times requires new approaches. The university´s learning and study environments shall be planned, fitted and furnished so that it´s easy to work both sitting and standing and change positions. Also the whole higher education environment should increase and support daily activity on campus areas. This can be done with good co-operation with universities and health-care.

The recommandations include all together 10 different recommendations that aim to develop the University Sports in Finland.

Tampere University Sports on the top

Recommendation publication also includes some study results on University Sports. They show that Tampere is one of the leading Universities when comparing active and satisfied students. There still are things to improve like finance, personnel resources and promoting physical activity in university strategies.

The recommendations 2018 are available on the OLL website:


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