Valentine´s Day BIC on 14 February

Valentine´s day BIC is organized on all campuses on Wednesday 14 February from 3pm on.
This event is open for all Unipoli Sport customers. Bring also a friend or a co-worker with you. They don´t have to be Unipoli Sport customers, as long as they are students or employees at the Tampere universities.

Day´s theme color is red/pink. We courage to wear something that match the theme. There is also some snacks available during the event. Welcome!

Valentine´s day BIC –group exercise classes

15.00 HIIT
16.00 Fityoga
17.00 Zumba
18.00 Functr

16.00 Toning
17.00 Taiji
18.00 Hiit
18.30 Stretching

15.00 Step
16.00 Neck-back
17.00 Toning
18.00 Xtreme
19.00 Sixpack

Sporty Valentine´s Day!


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