Unipoli Sport takes part in National Back Day on Mon 16.10.

On Monday 16.10. is National Back Day in TUT and Unipoli Sport organize little things for students and staff members.

On Monday all the group exercise classes in Tamppi Arena are open for students and staff members in TUT, UTA and TAMK. Sport fee is not required so take your students friend/colleague with you.

At 10 Foam rolling (Back theme)

At 15 PUMP!

At 16 Sweat (staff class)

At 16.30 TAB

At 17.30 Attack

At 18.30 Stretching (Back theme)

Unipoli Sport offers for staff members of TUT a little break during the working day arranging break workouts in Campusarena. Sport fee is not required. Instructor is Unipoli Sport Personal Trainer Johanna Kutvonen.

Place: Campusarena Boosteri meeting room

Time (choose the group which is suitable for you):

Group 1 at 13.00-13.10

Group 2 at 13.20-13.30

Group 3 at 13.40-13.50

Keep your back in good shape and join us! 🙂


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