TUT’s Fitness park opening on Fri 6.10. at 9-10.30.

On Friday 6.10. there is an open seremony for the new TUT Fitness Park on TUT’s front lawn. Unipoli Sport is there to introduce the park by organizing training sessions. Training sessions are open for all the students and staff members of TUT, UTA and TAMK. The Unipoli Sport payment is not reguired.

We arrange WOD’s (workout of the day) which takes about 15 minutes at a time. The exercise is circuit style including the instructions for the moves and warm up.

At 9.00 am opening ceremony: TUT’s president, SYK’s CEO and Teekkarikuoro
At 9.30 am First WOD
At 9.45 am break
At 10.00 am second WOD
At 10.15 am tips for the Fitness Park training
At 10.30 am the event ends

Welcome to open TUT Fitness Park!

Opening event in Facebook


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