Archery tag tournament in May

Archery Tag tournament 31 May at 4-8 pm. Nalkala park (Nalkalan puisto near Hämeenpuisto)

The game idea is the same than in paintball or dodgeball. The main thing is to shoot with the soft point arrow against opponents and eliminate the players.

The blade of the arrow is soft and all the players have a helmet/mask, which protects faces from the hits.

There should be at least 5 players in one team (there can be substitutes). One game takes max. 5 minutes and that team, who has more players than the other, or has eliminated all team players from the other team, is the winner. In the draw situation, there will be a precision shooting.

There should be at least 6 teams, that the tournament will be held. The tournament fee is 10€/person.

The prize will be gift card (value 100€)!


More information and information about the enrolment will be published here in the beginning of May.


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