Three important steps to find a student job in Finland

Finding a job seems to be a very controversial topic for the new comers, especially international students in Finland. I remember before arriving here, I was searching for jobs in Finnish websites but I had no clue how to find a proper student job. It took me a few months to understand how things work here, which I can sum up the experience in three steps. Implementing these three steps will be absolutely helpful to make you closer to finding a job in Tampere and in Finland.

1. Have your eyes wide open all the time

Let me be more frank with you. While being an international student in Finland, you have to have your eyes wide open all the time and everywhere. You need to monitor your surrounding and observe the opportunities. Feel that you are on a mission and act like a hunter!

2. Market yourself well

You hear it a lot these days that you should be able to sell yourself well but how? There are different ways:

First of all, create a LinkedIn profile and keep it updated all the time. Do not underestimate the power of professional social media and connecting with the local professionals. Be active there and show your personality through sharing beneficial texts and define yourself well in your profile summary.

Second, work on your communication skills, such as talking confidently about your skills and express your determination in being successful. In addition, show how much you would like to integrate into the Finnish society and you would like to contribute to it as well. This means take part in Finnish courses at the university and learn the language as much as possible.

Third, do not apply just online, go to the places in person, talk to employers and see if they have vacancies. Be courageous! Go outside and contact the employers directly. Most of the jobs are not published online and they are hidden. Be a treasure hunter and find it yourself!

3. Network, network and network

The previous two steps are the preliminary of this crucial one. Networking is the most precious skill and action for finding a job while studying in Finland. Take part in any event and meet new people. Expand your network by your enthusiasm to know about other people.

There are certain ways to have a systematic networking in Tampere:

  • Try to find local international associations who are active in connecting talents to companies and organize networking events such as Twinkle Association.
  • Take part in innovation platform projects such as Demola
  • Monitor local events and take part in them, such as the Chamber of Commerce events
  • Try to get connected to the Start-up hubs and creative people
  • Check the Talent Tampere website regularly and join their LinkedIn page.
  • Become volunteers in big events such as Slush (happens in Helsinki), Twinkle etc.

The last advice is to stay positive during the job hunting and enjoy the journey by working on your skills every day. I found my first job while networking with one of the speakers in Twinkle 2015 event. This means, take these three steps very seriously and apply them as much as you can. Good luck my international friends!

Imaneh Ameli

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