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Sente in Manchester

The Triple Helix and Beyond – A New Era. Triple Helix XVI Conference 5-8, September, 2018

  • Kolehmainen, J., Kurikka, H., Raagmaa, G. & Keerberg, A. Resilient region, resilient regional higher education institution? Insights from Kuressaare, Estonia and South Ostrobotnia, Finland

Sente in Cologne

Global Conference on Economic Geography. 24-6.7.2018. Cologne, Germany.

  • Grillitsch, M. & Sotarauta, M. Special sessions on agency and regional path development
  • Sotarauta, M & Grillitsch, M. 2018. Regional Growth Paths: From Structure to Agency and Back. Global Conference on Economic Geography. 25.7.2018. Cologne, Germany.

Place-based leadership website published

The Regional Studies Association international network on place-based leadership incorporates the leadership question (the ‘human touch’) more centrally within the debates around the nature of ‘effective’ urban and regional development. The overall aim of the network is to surface new leadership approaches in/for urban and regional development. The network is a community of scholars who are studying place-based leadership in various ways, from several perspectives and using different methods. 

The aim of the website is to foster the discussion of place-based leadership, in all its variants, and open it to all people who are interested in this topic.