The Journal

Editorial Board and Review Board

Nordic Theatre Studies is published twice a year by Föreningen Nordiska Teaterforskare (NTF) / Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars (ANTS), and it is registered with the Web of Science. The articles in each volume point at a certain theme but there is also space for contributions that somehow transgress the particular focus of the issue. Each volume also has a section with reviews of new publications within the field of theatre studies. The journal has an external board of scientific referees (peer review), which secures a high scientific standard.

In 2005 The Nordic Board for Periodicals in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOHP-HS) made a scientific evaluation of the journal. In this professor William B. Worthen from Berkeley University, California writes: “… I have a very high regard for NTS, and believe that the journal’s current editorial program is an excellent one: the journal is consistently publishing rewarding scholarship, providing opportunities for younger scholars as well as showcasing the work of established writers, collects articles together around useful topics, fills an important role in bringing English language scholarship the Nordic theatre to a wider audience, and is very handsomely produced as a journal.”

Professor Thomas Forser from Göteborg University writes: “Tidskriften ligger sålunda på ett stort kunskapskapital och dess tematisk inriktade utgivning har en anslående bredd innefattande inte bara nyare inriktningar av akademisk teaterforskning og uppdaterad historiografisk reflexion utan också återkommande återblickar på historien med specialnummer om Strindberg, Ibsen, Ingmar Bergman.”