News from the Association

JULY 17, 2013

A Call for Papers is now circulating for the next NTS journal. Go to Call for Contributions.


MARCH 15, 2013

With regard to the financial cuts at the Music and Teatre Library in Stockholm, the Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars has sent an open letter to Stina Westerberg, Director of Statens musikverk and Lena Adelsohn-Liljeroth, Swedish Minister of Culture:

The Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars is deeply concerned by the financial cuts made at Musik- och teaterbiblioteket and its archives. The collections – which are the largest in the Nordic countries – are of vital importance to researchers from all Nordic countries. We fear that the cuttings will affect not only research in Swedish theatre but also Inter-Nordic research and international Nordic research. Generous opening hours and efficient service are of crucial importance not least to visiting researchers from abroad. For Statens musikverk to fulfill its aim – to ensure the accessibility of the cultural heritage of theatre, dance and music – the staffing of the library needs to be improved. The Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars is opposed to the cuts in funding. Instead, we request Statens musikverk and the Swedish government to strengthen the financial support of the library and the archives.

On behalf of the Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars

Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen
President of the Board


FEBRUARY 6, 2013

On 16 December 2012 the General Assembly was held at the Department for Musicology and Performance Studies, Stockholm University. A new board and president were elected. The statutes of the association was changed, officially including the Baltic countries in the association. See the board here. Read the new statutes here (in Swedish).