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Writings about the University of Tampere and the future.

This blog was created to provide all interested parties with a chance to read writings entered in “My university in 2025” writing competition. In future, the blog might also serve as a publishing channel for other new texts about the University.

The writing competition took place from 3 December 2014 to 15 February 2015 and was organised to inspire the writing of the new university strategy. All members of the university community (students, employees and alumni) were invited to envision the future under the title ”My university in 2025”.

Entrants to the competition were asked to produce a fictional story: either a short story with a traditional plotline or a free-form piece of prose. The texts could be written in Finnish, Swedish or English. In total, fifty entries were submitted to the competition, three of these in English.

The writings sent in for the competition were submitted to the competition jury anonymously under a pen name. Likewise, pen names will also be used when publishing texts in this blog.

Winners of the creative writing competition

From all the entries submitted, the jury awarded three writings on the basis of their literary merits and the originality of the ideas presented in the texts.

The winners, i.e. the pen names Mooc Konttinen, WP and Jussi pussi, were each rewarded with an Apple tablet computer.

In addition to the winning texts, the blog will also publish other writings entered in the competition.

”The decision was by no means easy, especially because people had approached this topic in such wonderfully varied ways,” says docent Maria Mäkelä, member of the University Collegiate Body, whose idea the writing competition was.

The jury received the writings anonymously and the writers’ funny pen names were an added bonus.

”The University will draft its new strategy this spring, and those who are engaged in that task should take these fictions in all seriousness”, says the jury in its report to the university community.

The utopias are not just fantasy or personal accounts but express the potential of the university community and organisation as well as the risks involved in change.

Rules of the creative writing competition

As published on 3 December 2014


All members of the university community – employees, students and alumni – can participate. NB! The deadline for participation has been extended. The competition takes place on 3 December 2014 – 15 February 2015.


The topic of the competition is ”My University in 2025”. The entries must be fictional stories. The writing can be a short story with a plot or a free prose passage. You can write in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Instructions for writing

The maximum length of the writing is three pages. The font size should be 12. The jury will not consider handwritten texts. Each participant can submit one text only.

The writings must be sent in with a pen name, which must be written on each page. The writings are sent to the jury with the pen names and they are appraised anonymously, which ensures blind review.

The authors will be asked separately for a permission to publish their names.

The writings should be saved in the .pdf format and sent to by 15 February 2015. The subject line of the e-mail should contain the author’s pen name and “My University in 2025″. Details about the author (full name, e-mail and telephone number) should be submitted as a separate attachment to the e-mail.

Evaluation criteria

The jury will pay attention especially to the originality of the idea of the story, narration and the other literary merits of the text. The new perspectives and ideas for the university strategy are an added bonus.

Using the writings

By participating in the competition, the author gives her/his permission to use and rework the ideas presented in the writing in the university’s strategy work. The writings can also be used as research material.

The author also agrees that her/his text can be published in the university’s communications channels free of charge. Texts that have been entered in the competition may be published in the university’s internal and external communications channels (website, intranet and Aikalainen newspaper) and the strategy materials.

The entries are not returned. All entries will be archived for two years.


The authors of the three best writings are awarded an Apple table computer.

The jury

The members of the jury are vice-rector, professor Pertti Haapala; docent, postdoctoral researcher Maria Mäkelä; research coordinator Kirsi Lumme-Sandt, postdoctoral researcher Laura Saarenmaa and member of the board of the Student Union of the University of Tampere, Veera Paananen. Docent, postdoctoral researcher Heikki A. Kovalainen is the expert member of the jury.

Announcing the results of the competition

The winners of the competition will be announced on 20 March 2015. At the same time, the jury will forward a summary of the ideas for strategy work to the rector.