Law and media network


Photo: Jonne Renvall/University of Tampere

Law and Media

The Law and Media Network includes four partners from the Nordic and Baltic countries (the University of Tallinn (Estonia), the University of Latvia, the University of Iceland, and the University of Tampere (Finland)). The main objectives of the network are to: 1) establish a network of universities to reconceptualize the relationship between the law and the media; 2) ensure innovative outcomes of network/project activities through the exchange of ideas and mutual learning among different specialists and scholars; and 3) deliver an intensive course that illuminates legal issues in the media industry. The long-term targets of the network are to outline new ways of teaching law and media students and to establish recommendations for the media community.

Researchers from the University of Tampere:

Jukka Viljanen,  Adjunct Professor of Human Rights Law

Riku Neuvonen, university lecturer (University of Tampere), Adjunct Professor of Media Law (University of Helsinki)

Heta Heiskanen, University teacher