On Blog: Meet Linna & Arvo

Well done, congratulations new student! Welcome to the University of Tampere and its Library! The Library is available to you on both campuses, Linna library in Linna building on Main campus and Arvo library in Arvo building on Kauppi campus. See the opening hours on Library’s website.

Linna- ja Arvo-kirjastot

You can easily get a library card. Go to Linna or Arvo to activate your student card and bring your ID with you. If you don’t yet have a student card, you can borrow books using a temporary library card. Electronic student card can’t be used as a library card.

Your textbooks are in the Library. You can find most of them in Linna, Arvo has the textbooks for medicine, health sciences and biomedical technology. The number of printed books in limited but you can borrow the so called short loan copies for overnight or weekend reading. Additionally, many of the text books are available as e-books that you can also read offline. See instructions on E-book Guide.

Andor-hakupalveluYou’ll find information about the textbooks and other materials in the Andor search service and its tools on our home page. In addition to Library’s collections Andor has millions of references from international databases. Textbooks are easiest to find in Tamcat that is also a part of Andor. E-journals and databases can be found quickly on their own lists. All materials can be found via Andor but shortcuts make searching faster.

Monitoimitila Pohjantähti Linnassa

Library has many kinds of study spaces. When you are reading or working alone using your laptop you can choose from a comfortable armchair, sofa, or a desk suitable for either standing or sitting by in different areas of the Library.

Tietokoneita Linnan oppimiskeskuksessa

Computers can be found in Library’s Learning Centers and classrooms. Computers have various software and you can print using your print quota. You can also copy and scan on the multifunction printers. University’s wireless networks are available also in the Library.

Opetusluokka Alma Linnassa

The Library organizes the Basics of Information Literacy and other courses in the classrooms but you can use them with your key card when they are free. You can see the teaching hours on the display beside the door. Please see the colour signs in the classrooms and other spaces which tell you if the space is meant for quiet working or discussions.

Ryhmatyohuone Rokka Linnassa

You will need group work spaces often. The Library has both bookable and freely available group work rooms. You can do the booking via your Office365 calendar. Freely available group work rooms can fit one or more groups at the same time. Also, Linna’s multipurpose working spaces Pohjantähti and Pentinkulma are suitable for group work as long as you take those studying near you into consideration. The new open study space Idea is in the main lobby of Linna building. There you are also welcome whether alone or with a group. Events are also organized there occasionally.

Most quiet working areas are the Silent Reading Rooms that are available for you 24/7 with your key card (in Arvo also Learning Center and two group work rooms are 24/7 premises). In Linna’s Reading Room you can use your own laptop or tablet, and for readers there is a separate area where devices are not allowed.

Opiskelijoita Arvo-kirjastossa

In the Library there are many kinds of spaces and many kinds of students. Studying goes well for all of us if we only take each other into consideration and together cherish working in peace.

Library is available for you both on the spot and virtually:

Ask also in the Library. We will search for the answer.

Text: Outi Viitasalo, Information Specialist 
Photos: Erja Kymäläinen and Outi Viitasalo

Opening Week: Ask and check the library orienteering points

During the opening week of the University, the Library welcomes especially the new students. In addition to our staff at the Customer Service desk of Linna library you will meet there a library guide who can also answer to your questions and direct you forward.

Go and find the Library Orienteering points in Linna. From our guide you’ll get the questions for seven orienteering points. When checking them you’ll learn more about library services and premises. Exercise is useful: all participants will get a prize.

On the Opening Day, Tuesday 5 September, you’ll find the library specialists at our stand in the Main building, and also with IT Helpdesk in Arvo building. Come and ask us e.g. about e-resources or our guidance services. Also try a referencing game, and click yourself a prize in Library Kimble. Welcome to meet us!

New study space in Linna is called Idea

Open study space Idea in Linna buildingLast spring the students got more working space in Linna building, when the ex-bookshop space in the main lobby was furnished as a shared group work space. A name competition was arranged for the students, and the name Idea was chosen among the suggestions.

Idea is an open working space where you can study alone or in a group, even several groups at the same time. Idea complements Linna library’s working spaces. Idea is open according to the Library’s opening hours.

In the future also some events and presentations may take place in Idea. Its use and activities are coordinated by the University Library.

More information:
Information Specialist Outi Viitasalo, outi.viitasalo@uta.fi

Working spaces in the Library

Semester opening hours in the Library from 28 August

Linna library serves according to semester opening hours from Monday, 28 August. Arvo library shifted to autumn opening hours two weeks ago. The opening hours of the Library will remain the same as last semester and Linna library will be open again also on Saturdays.

Linna library

Mon-Fri 8.00 – 19.00
Customer service 9.00 – 19.00
Sat 10.00 – 15.00

Customer service 10.00 – 15.00

Silent Reading Room (2nd floor) available 24/7 for the University of Tampere students with the key card.

Arvo library

Mon – Thu 8.00 – 17.00
Customer service 9.00 – 17.00
Fri 8.00 – 16.00
Customer service 9.00 – 16.00

Arvo Learning Center (1st floor) available 24/7 for the University of Tampere students with the key card. On weekdays between 21.00 and 5.30 and on weekends also a PIN code is needed. Ask it from IT Helpdesk in Arvo building.

Newspaper Reading Room in Main building

Mon-Fri 8.00 – 19.00
Customer service tel. 050 563 0935 Mon 12.00 – 15.00, Wed & Fri 9.00 – 12.00

On the eve of public holidays the library offices will be closing at 4 pm

Opening hours on website
Library offices and contact information

Break room in Linna library’s Silent Reading Room

Students of the Silent Reading Room in Linna have wished for a place where to have a snack break. The space was created from the former copy room in the Reading Room’s lobby. In the break room you can rest a little from studying and eat your snack.

Silent Reading Room is available 24/7 for the students of the University. When the Library is open, the entrance to the Reading Room is from the main lobby of Linna building, via a separate staircase. When the Library is closed, you can enter the staircase through the side door situated opposite the Finnish Student Health Service building using your key card.

Laptops may be used in the larger area of the Reading Room. The glass-walled area is a space where devices are not used.

More information:
Manager Leena Horsma-aho, leena.horsma-aho@uta.fi

Library’s working spaces on the web

New exchange student, welcome to Library Orientation

Library Orientation takes 1,5 hours and includes a tour of Linna library and introduction to using library’s search portal and e-resources.


  • Monday 28.8.  12-14, 14-16
  • Tuesday 29.8. 12-14, 14-16
  • Wednesday 30.8. 12-14, 14-16
  • Friday 1.9. 12-14

Sign up at the International Office’s info desk in the Main building. We’ll meet by the entrance of the Library, in the lobby of Linna building. We’ll start a quarter past the hour. Welcome to the Library!

More information:
Information Specialist Saija Tapio, saija.tapio@uta.fi

Problems with receiving Library’s e-mail messages

There have been problems with receiving the Library’s notices to Hotmail.com, msn.com, live.com and luukku.com e-mail addresses lately. Some of the messages have returned to the Library, but it is possible that the e-mail filters the notices of available reserved items, overdue items and approaching due dates to the junk mail folder. Then the customer doesn’t notice that the Library has sent an e-mail.

If you use other e-mail than the University e-mail, this is how you can try to fix the problem:

  • Check the junk mail folder of your email to see if there are any messages from the Library and move them to the inbox.
  • Mark the Library’s address and messages reliable.
  • Add the Library’s address tayk.lainaus@uta.fi to your contact list
  • or alternatively, use another e-mail address and give it to the Library as your contact address.

Accoding to the Library’s circulation rules the customers themselves have to take care of renewal and returning of their loans in time. Even if the Library’s notices have not arrived at all the customer still has to pay the possible overdue charges. More about the circulation instructions on our website.

More information:
Online Services Specialist Timo Vuorisalmi, timo.vuorisalmi@uta.fi

Data Management Plan Workshop for researchers 12 and 13 September

Academy of Finland requires every applicant to provide a data management plan (DMP) as a part of the application for the September 2017 call. University Library offers a workshop where you can get tips and advice about how to create a compact DMP.

The same workshop is available both on the Main campus and on Kauppi kampus:

  • Tue 12 September 14.15-15.45 Arvo library, Kauppi campus, classroom Mauri (B109, 1st floor)
  • Wed 13 September 14.15-15.45 Linna library, Main campus, classroom Elina (3022, 3rd floor)

Each session will have a short introduction to data management and to Academy of Finland guidelines. DMPTuuli data management planning tool will be utilized in the workshops.

In these sessions, you can ask for assistance from the specialists of the library and of Finnish Social Science Data Archive. If you want to get more detailed comments about your DMP, please send it beforehand to oa@uta.fi.

Note that the language (English/Finnish) of the sessions will be determined based on the participants’ wishes.

Enrolment link

More information: oa@uta.fi

Tampere University Library’s services for researchers
Finnish Social Science Data Archive

Arvo library shifted to autumn semester opening hours

New medical students are starting their work and Arvo library on Kauppi campus has shifted to autumn semester opening hours. Arvo library is open from Monday to Thursday between 8.00 and 17.00 (customer service from 9.00 to 17.00) and on Fridays from 8.00 to 16.00 (customer service from 9.00 to 16.00).

Linna library on the Main campus will shift to autumn season opening hours after two weeks, 28 August.

You will find the library’s opening hours on our front page and on Opening hours and contacts web page.