MOT language service expands

MOT-kielipalvelun logoAt University of Tampere we have access to several MOT dictionaries, MOT Translation (Finnish-English), MOT Proofing for checking English language and to the book “Kielitoimiston oikeinkirjoitusopas”. Now we also have access to some new resources in MOT service: MOT Pro dictionaries (English and Swedish) and TermLink service.

MOT Pro dictionaries are high-quality dictionaries with general terms and special terms in several subject areas. MOT Pro dictionaries contain many examples of using the terms. The dictionaries are updated continuously.

TermLink service offers the possibility to bring organization’s own dictionaries to the MOT Dictionaries service. TermLink credentials are needed for that.

From the beginning of 2018 we will have access to the entire MOT service. It will contain:

– 57 dictionaries
– MOT Proofing, english
– MOT Translation, 13 language pairs
– MOT Books, 5 books
– MOT Mobile Online
– MOT TERMS: Termlink service
– MOT-Reference

More information: Information Specialist Soile Kolehmainen,

E-book news

  • Taylor & Francis e-books has been moved to a new platform. University of Tampere has access to over 130 books. You can narrow down your search results to University of Tampere collection by doing a search and then selecting ”show content I have access to”. Taylor & Francis e-books can also be found in Tamcat database.
  • From November Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader will be the software for downloads for Dawsonera e-books. Adobe Reader will not be supported with Dawsonera downloads anymore.
  • E-book Collection EBSCOhost has switched to single-sign-in using the University basic user account like all the Ebsco databases. Create a new Ebsco account and link it to your basic user account when you download books or create notes for the first time. Later you will only need your basic user account. If you already have an Ebsco account, you can link it to your basic user account. Please follow instructions in Ebook Collection EBSCOhost.
  • The entire Ebook Central collection (including the books that University of Tampere does not have access to) is visible only if you have signed in with your basic user account. This applies to both on campus and off campus use. In Ebook Central you can send a book request to the Library if we don’t have access to the book  (5 minutes preview).
  • Ebook Central has some new usability enhancements (for example DRM-free chapter download) and improved book detail pages.
  • MyiLibrary will merge to Ebook Central later this year and Humanities E-Books will move to a new platform in the summer 2018.

Our E-book guide will be updated accordingly this changes.

More information:
Information Specialist Soile Kolehmainen

Touch screen in Linna’s Idea for group work

Open studying space Idea in Linna

In Linna’s open studying space there is now an interactive touch screen that is available for students’ group work. The screen is beside the wall on Pinninkatu side, and with a slight turn it is handily available for groups working near it.

By the screen there are instructions. With your group you can access your materials and online contents when you connect your own device to the screen. You can also use the screen with the touch pen that is behind the screen. If needed, you can ask for a remote control at the Library’s Customer Service.

In Idea you can study alone or in groups. It is open according to the Library’s opening hours, and the Library coordinates its use. Open events of the University are also occasionally held in Idea.

Study spaces in the Library
About Linna library’s study spaces on blog

More information:
Manager Leena Horsma-aho, Student Information Services

Search for answers on FAQ service

FAQ box on Library front pageOn Library front page ( you can now find a handy FAQ – Search for answers box where you can find answers even when the Library is closed. The question box offers ready questions, when you start writing. You can also choose a topic from the word cloud.

Frequently asked questions service (FAQ)
Library’s guidance services (Chat, Ask the Library, FAQ, Book a Librarian)

More information:
Manager Leena Horsma-aho, Student Information Services

On Blog: Choose your seat, student

Did you know that in Linna library there is a wide variety of study spaces available to you? When you come to the Library, choose a suitable seat and concentrate on studying. You can read or use your laptop or tablet in the University’s wireless networks.

Space for studying in Linna, 2nd floor

On all three floors of Linna library you can find different kinds of study spaces.

Cosy armschairs near the windows, Linna 2nd floor

You can e.g. sit on a comfortable armchair near the windows on the 2nd floor or

Sofa group in multipurpose space Pohjantähti

withdraw to a sheltered sofa in multipurpose space Pohjantähti on the 1st floor,

Adjustable standing desks in Linna library

or you can work in a healthy manner standing at an adjustable table.

Computers in Learning Center, Linna 3rd floor

Computers are available in Linna’s Learning Center on the 3rd floor and

Working in classroom Alma, Linna 3rd floor

on the same floor in the three clasrooms when they are not occupied by teaching. The classrooms Alma and Akseli are intended for silent working, but in Elina you can also work together if necessary, using low voice. Color signs guide the use of different spaces.

Linna's Silent Reading Room

The most silent working space in Linna is Silent Reading Room on the 2nd floor. It is available for the University students 24/7. You can use laptop or tablet in the larger area of the Reading Room, but the glass-walled area is reserved only for readers. When the Library is open you enter the Reading Room via a separate staircase from the main lobby of Linna building. At other times use the side door situated opposite the Finnish Student Health Service building using your key card.

Starting group work together

Studying is often lonely, but luckily there is group work.

Linna's group work rooms: open room Rokka

You can do group work in Linna in five group work rooms that you book in your Office365 calendar (see booking instructions) or in the three rooms that are open for flexible use. Of these three in Rokka and Koskela there is room even for two groups at the same time.

Multiputpose working space Pohjantähti in Linna

You can study together also in Linna’s multipurpose spaces, Pentinkulma (3rd floor), Pohjantähti (1st floor) and

Open studying space Idea in Linna

now also in Idea that is located beside the building’s main lobby. With your group you can use Idea’s new interactive screen when needed.Open events of the University are also occasionally held in Idea.

In the Library the information resources and our specialists are near. You can always ask us, both in the Library and online.

The premises of Linna were captured with a camera by the University’s photographer Jonne Renvall one autumn day. Text by the Library’s Information Specialist Outi Viitasalo.

On Blog: Meet Linna & Arvo

Well done, congratulations new student! Welcome to the University of Tampere and its Library! The Library is available to you on both campuses, Linna library in Linna building on Main campus and Arvo library in Arvo building on Kauppi campus. See the opening hours on Library’s website.

Linna- ja Arvo-kirjastot

You can easily get a library card. Go to Linna or Arvo to activate your student card and bring your ID with you. If you don’t yet have a student card, you can borrow books using a temporary library card. Electronic student card can’t be used as a library card.

Your textbooks are in the Library. You can find most of them in Linna, Arvo has the textbooks for medicine, health sciences and biomedical technology. The number of printed books in limited but you can borrow the so called short loan copies for overnight or weekend reading. Additionally, many of the text books are available as e-books that you can also read offline. See instructions on E-book Guide.

Andor-hakupalveluYou’ll find information about the textbooks and other materials in the Andor search service and its tools on our home page. In addition to Library’s collections Andor has millions of references from international databases. Textbooks are easiest to find in Tamcat that is also a part of Andor. E-journals and databases can be found quickly on their own lists. All materials can be found via Andor but shortcuts make searching faster.

Monitoimitila Pohjantähti Linnassa

Library has many kinds of study spaces. When you are reading or working alone using your laptop you can choose from a comfortable armchair, sofa, or a desk suitable for either standing or sitting by in different areas of the Library.

Tietokoneita Linnan oppimiskeskuksessa

Computers can be found in Library’s Learning Centers and classrooms. Computers have various software and you can print using your print quota. You can also copy and scan on the multifunction printers. University’s wireless networks are available also in the Library.

Opetusluokka Alma Linnassa

The Library organizes the Basics of Information Literacy and other courses in the classrooms but you can use them with your key card when they are free. You can see the teaching hours on the display beside the door. Please see the colour signs in the classrooms and other spaces which tell you if the space is meant for quiet working or discussions.

Ryhmatyohuone Rokka Linnassa

You will need group work spaces often. The Library has both bookable and freely available group work rooms. You can do the booking via your Office365 calendar. Freely available group work rooms can fit one or more groups at the same time. Also, Linna’s multipurpose working spaces Pohjantähti and Pentinkulma are suitable for group work as long as you take those studying near you into consideration. The new open study space Idea is in the main lobby of Linna building. There you are also welcome whether alone or with a group. Events are also organized there occasionally.

Most quiet working areas are the Silent Reading Rooms that are available for you 24/7 with your key card (in Arvo also Learning Center and two group work rooms are 24/7 premises). In Linna’s Reading Room you can use your own laptop or tablet, and for readers there is a separate area where devices are not allowed.

Opiskelijoita Arvo-kirjastossa

In the Library there are many kinds of spaces and many kinds of students. Studying goes well for all of us if we only take each other into consideration and together cherish working in peace.

Library is available for you both on the spot and virtually:

Ask also in the Library. We will search for the answer.

Text: Outi Viitasalo, Information Specialist 
Photos: Erja Kymäläinen and Outi Viitasalo

Opening Week: Ask and check the library orienteering points

During the opening week of the University, the Library welcomes especially the new students. In addition to our staff at the Customer Service desk of Linna library you will meet there a library guide who can also answer to your questions and direct you forward.

Go and find the Library Orienteering points in Linna. From our guide you’ll get the questions for seven orienteering points. When checking them you’ll learn more about library services and premises. Exercise is useful: all participants will get a prize.

On the Opening Day, Tuesday 5 September, you’ll find the library specialists at our stand in the Main building, and also with IT Helpdesk in Arvo building. Come and ask us e.g. about e-resources or our guidance services. Also try a referencing game, and click yourself a prize in Library Kimble. Welcome to meet us!

New study space in Linna is called Idea

Open study space Idea in Linna buildingLast spring the students got more working space in Linna building, when the ex-bookshop space in the main lobby was furnished as a shared group work space. A name competition was arranged for the students, and the name Idea was chosen among the suggestions.

Idea is an open working space where you can study alone or in a group, even several groups at the same time. Idea complements Linna library’s working spaces. Idea is open according to the Library’s opening hours.

In the future also some events and presentations may take place in Idea. Its use and activities are coordinated by the University Library.

More information:
Information Specialist Outi Viitasalo,

Working spaces in the Library