On blog: Our response to feedback from the customer survey

To this spring’s customer survey, we received 1305 responses and feedback from all of our user groups. Our degree students were the most active group in voicing their opinions (76%). Thank you for the feedback!

One of the most important functions of the library is supporting studying and research. Both require well-functioning working spaces and the support of library’s information services at the right time. Based on the feedback the customers also think these things are important. The feedback gives us guidance on how to continue to develop both library as a working space and library’s virtual services.

Classrooms are also your working space

Library’s new versatile premises received many thanks in the survey. However the premises are in high demand and especially more room for group work was requested. It seems not all of our space options are well known, so we aim to inform the students about them more effectively.

Some have felt that checking the availability of group work rooms in the Office 365 calendar is difficult. You can view current week’s reservations also on the Group work rooms web page (Facilities and equipment -> Group work rooms) and on the Booking instructions page by clicking the names of the group work rooms.

Opetusluokka Alma Linnassa

In Linna library the classroom Alma is also available outside of teaching hours for students to use with their key card

During last semester, we got one new bookable group work room in Linna (Vanhala, 3016). By opening the classrooms to students with key card, we created common space for both independent study at the computer and group work. Because there were questions regarding the use of the classrooms, we defined the way to use the rooms with colour signs.

In Linna the classrooms Akseli and Alma are red, meaning spaces for quiet work. The third classroom Elina and Arvo library’s Mauri are yellow spaces where even group work is possible as long as you consider the other users also. Additionally the former bookshop space beside the lobby by the Kalevantie entrance in Linna is a space where several groups can work at the same time.

Comfortable chairs are comfortable to sit on and study. On the other hand, students are knowledgeable about good ergonomics. In addition to the existing standing work places, we recently received new adjustable standing desks. Chairs will be acquired if possible. Check all the corners of the library, there you can find many kinds of seating.

Andor assists in finding information

Andor logoThe new and long awaited information search system Andor has been in service since autumn. It has been continually developed within the possibilities of technology listening to customers’ feedback. In the survey feedback, Andor received both thanks and criticism.

It takes time to learn to use a new search tool. We will strengthen Andor’s marketing and continue user-training workshops. Andor guide is there to help the user and we are also here to help through chat, online, email andor@uta.fi, Andor and Tamcat’s feedback form or in the Library.

Guidance and training flexibly online

Varaa ohjausaika -ikoniWe want to develop flexible services also online. The real time connection to library experts through chat service received many thanks in the survey. From now on we offer the personal Book a Librarian service also online to those customers for whom it is difficult to come to the library. When you are booking your time, choose remote guidance as the meeting place on the form.

Online sections have already been used on information seeking courses integrated into degree programmes. Online teaching will be used also in the future to facilitate flexible studies. The new Managing Research Information online course aimed at researchers was offered for the first time this spring and it turned out to be a good way for researchers’ training. We will continue with online training also in the future.

The survey responses gave us many ideas that we will develop and implement gradually. Follow our newsfeed to keep up to date.

Text and photo: Outi Viitasalo, Development and Administrative Services
Translation: Saija Tapio

Customer survey in Linna’s Silent Reading Room until 5 May

In Linna library’s Silent Reading Room you can now respond to a short survey. This inquiry surveys the use and usability of the Reading Room. Answering to the survey is possible only on the spot. The survey will be going on until Friday, 5 May.

More information:
Manager Leena Horsma-aho

Influence your library services in User Survey

What is your experience of the services of Tampere University Library and what are the most important services to you as a customer in the future? Come and develop the Library with us by participating in our User Survey open until 9 April. Respond to the survey, influence the quality of services and also participate in a prize draw.

In the online survey, there are questions about the library spaces, information resources and Andor search service, as well as customer service, communication channels and information seeking courses and guidance. You can give grades both to the importance and functionality of the library services. Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions and ideas with us. Answering the survey only takes a few minutes.

Win prizes

Remember to participate in the prize draw. After responding to the survey, give your contact information on a separate form. Among the respondents we will raffle off:

  • 2 Rains rainproof backpacks
  • Tasty prizes in campus restaurants: 1 x surprise pastry, 2 x lunch, 2 x coffee and cake and 1 x Keep Cup & coffee at Sodexo restaurant Linna;  3 x lunch at Amica Restaurant Minerva; 10 x coffee & cake at Juvenes University Restaurant (UTA Main Building)
  • 4 tickets to Spa Holiday Club Tampereen Kylpylä
  • 25 movie tickets
  • 15 memory sticks

Link to the survey

More information:
Information Specialists Outi Viitasalo, outi.viitasalo@uta.fi and Mervi Ahola, mervi.ahola@uta.fi
Links to the survey on Library website

Survey about research data and open publishing practices for researchers

Tampere University Library in cooperation with the University’s Open Science work group is conducting a survey about open access publishing and opening of research data. The survey is aimed at researchers and teachers. Its target is to find out the current practices of openness at the University of Tampere as well as to figure out how to develop the services supporting open science. The survey is open until 31 March 2017.

The survey is connected to promoting open science and research at the University of Tampere and following broader trends in open science. The principles of publishing research results and opening research data were written in the University’s Publication and data policy last autumn. Furthermore, open access publishing and self-archiving is required from the researchers, according to the Rector’s Decision on 11 March 2016.

One of the tasks of the University Library is to actively promote open science by offering the researchers services for open publishing and research data management.

Link to the survey

More information:
Library’s research services: Kati Mäki, kati.maki@uta.fi , tel. 040 190 4267 or Saila Huuskonen, saila.huuskonen@uta.fi, tel. 040 190 4239
Open Science website
Library’s research services

Library’s response to the feedback from customer survey

Customer survey logoTampere University Library’s users responded to our call: we received 1324 answers to this year’s customer survey. Thank you for your interest in influencing the development of your library! We also raffled off several prizes among the respondents and they have been sent to the winners.

We received responses from all of our user groups, students, doctoral students, researchers, teachers and other staff of the University, staff of Tampere University Hospital and customers outside of the university community. Again students were the most active respondents (64%).

This year the customer survey used the international LibQual tool that’s been tailored for research libraries. It evaluated the three core areas of library services, affect of customers services, information resources and their management and library as a working environment.

We also received lots of open feedback. We have carefully read it through and respond here to the key issues that rose out of it.

Information retrieval systems will be renewed

In the feedback many respondents wished that the information retrieval systems would be renewed. Tamcat and Nelli have served us faithfully but their usability is no longer up to modern standards.

We have searched for and investigated a new solution for a functional retrieval system. Currently it looks like the customers will get a new search interface in the fall. Follow the library news so you can use the new interface as soon as possible and share your experience with us.

We are also continually developing the library website as customers’ information source. The whole University website will be renewed during the Tampere3 process and that’s also when the new library’s own website will be planned.

More room from computer classrooms

Last year in Linna more working spaces e.g. open group work rooms were renovated for the customers, and in Arvo comfortable reading and workspaces were furnished. In the customer survey’s feedback thanks is given for the new spaces but also more space is requested for different purposes. Working spaces are really important for our customers.

Avoin opetusluokka Alma

The students can also use Linna’s new classroom Alma on the third floor when it’s not occupied for teaching.

We respond to this need by opening all the library’s computer classrooms for students with student card when not used for teaching. Already open are Linna’s Alma and Akseli classrooms and Arvo’s classroom Mauri. At the end of the summer also Elina, the third computer classroom in Linna, will also become open.

Laptop users hoped for more quiet working space. More will be available once we make changes in Linna’s second floor Silent reading room. Then laptops will be allowed in the large room and the smaller room will become the quiet reading space.

Find spaces and collections

Based on the feedback not everyone is able to find the library materials and spaces easily, especially not in Linna.

A new touch screen giving information about services and spaces will be placed on the wall of Linna’s customer service in the first floor. On the screen you can also use the library website, search for materials or book a group work room using the new booking system. On the premises we’ll make the Linna floor map that guides to shelves and different spaces clearer.

Small screens where you can check when the space is available, will be placed by the doors of the bookable group work rooms and computer classrooms in Linna and Arvo.

Silence and talking in the library

Based on the feedback some experienced occasional noisiness and crowdedness in Linna. As the library services on Main campus were centralised in Linna, naturally the number of users grew and the new working spaces are popular.

Library is still sometimes thought of only as a place for quiet reading. But these days the library users also need spaces for discussion and working in groups.

Monitoimitila Pohjantähti Linnassa

in Linna’s popular multipurpose space Pohjantähti on the first floor you can work alone or together with other students. In Pohjantähti you may also speak.

When Linna was renewed we defined the first floor and its new Pohjantähti multipurpose working space as an area where talking is permitted (see Linna floor guide on Offices-page). Also an area for discussion was created on the ground floor of Arvo. Linna’s second floor is an area for books and reading, whereas on the third floor customers can work not just alone on the learning center’s and computer classrooms’ computers but also in group work rooms. The quietest space can be found in the Silent reading room.

Services for different users

New services in the Library include borrowable Thesis lockers where students working on their thesis can keep their materials. To make sure the lockers are available to as many as possible, their loan period is now shorter but they can be reserved and renewed at the customer services.

Computers that can be used without university’s basic user account are also needed in the library. In Linna there are two such computers, in Arvo four. We are also investigating the possibility of adding more computers in Linna for customers from outside of the university community.

Feedback and developing, information about the Library’s feedback system online

Text and photos: Outi Viitasalo, Development and Administrative Services
Translation: Saija Tapio, Student Information Services


Survey develops

This year’s library survey was responded to as actively as last year. Thank you to all 233 respondents! Results of the survey are essential support to us as we develop the Library services. We received lots of feedback and suggestions and we will respond to the customers’ feedback in our work.

You can find the Library’s response also on the Feedback and developing website.

Respondent groups

Figure 1. Students were the most active in responding to the survey

The Library’s services received good scores in numerical evaluation. Knowledgeable customer services fulfilled the customers’ expectations the best and the availability of resources had the most room for improvement. The open comments tell in more detail what the customers think of our services.

”It would be good for the back” – On premises and opening hours

Working in the Library

Different kinds of workspaces for different purposes were requested in the feedback, both quiet nooks for reading and spaces where you can talk with others. Questions regarding ergonomics were raised: in many responses standing desks were requested. Some respondents wished for more group work rooms. Humanika’s premises received thanks and some responses faulted the Main Library as noisy.

Longer opening hours in the evenings and on weekends were requested.

We have already responded to these customer needs earlier when we started our reorganization project. After the survey an area was outlined in Tertio where talking is allowed. Also after the renovation on the first floor of Linna there will be a multipurpose working area safe to talk in. When the renewed Library on Main campus is opened in the fall we’ll respond to many other requests as well.

”There could be even more e-resources” – On resources

Remember e-textbooksEspecially in the researches’ feedback the need for up-to-date material on their research field was brought up. Cooperation with the schools and study programs was recommended by the respondents and that is already being done in connection with acquiring resources to the Library. The quick response to acquisition suggestions received thanks. These suggestions from the staff of University Schools are important for developing the Library’s collections in the right direction.

Library’s electronic resources received thanks. We aim to compensate for the lack of textbooks on large courses with e-textbooks and short loans. More e-books were requested but also a need was expressed for help on using e-books that is complicated by the differences in the e-book vendors’ practices.

In the Library we are well aware of these problems and we will focus more on giving guidance on using e-books. The E-book clinic and the personal guidance given there will be advertised more. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help so you can make the most of the e-books available to you!

”Keep up the good work! 🙂” – On customer service

Customer serviceBased on the survey in its customer service the Library responds to the customers’ needs well because the grade given to the importance and success of service were the same. The knowledgeable service received many thanks in the comments. In some comments the library staff was asked for proactive attitude in offering help and more expertise in using copy machines. Juvenes Print is responsible for the Library’s copy machines, but the staff tries to acquaint themselves better with them and in the Main Library also the house manager can help you with copying.

A couple of feedback givers requested earlier opening hours for customer service and extended phone service times. This and other needs for developing personal service will be addressed as the reorganization project progresses.

”It sure was useful” – On information seeking instruction and guidance

Information literacy trainingIn the information literacy courses that are part of the curriculum the interaction between students and the Library is active, as the teachers collect feedback from some courses. Most of the feedback given in the customer survey was also regarding these courses, even though the respondents could have also commented on the other information seeking guidance offered such as the Book a Librarian service or other information services.

There were comments in the feedback on how information skills learned in the courses are easily forgotten. Instruction is needed at different stages of studies as well as course refreshers. This is done by offering information literacy instruction at different stages of the degree programs. Additionally the Library produces new research guides that help with independent information seeking (coming soon also in English!).

Some respondents felt that too much information is shared in the lessons and hoped for more practice oriented teaching. The Library will address this as the courses are further developed.

Building Linna 2015 project logoWe also asked how likely the respondent would recommend Tampere University Library to colleagues and friends. The so called NPS-number that is based on the values given was once again excellent, 63 (last year it was 62).

After responding to the survey it was possible to participate in a price draw for books and memory sticks. The prizes have been delivered to the lucky winners, who we’d like to congratulate once more!

(Quotations in the subheadings are from the survey responses – thank you!)

Text and photos: Outi Viitasalo, Information Specialist
Translation: Saija Tapio, Information Specialist