On blog: Our response to feedback from the customer survey

To this spring’s customer survey, we received 1305 responses and feedback from all of our user groups. Our degree students were the most active group in voicing their opinions (76%). Thank you for the feedback!

One of the most important functions of the library is supporting studying and research. Both require well-functioning working spaces and the support of library’s information services at the right time. Based on the feedback the customers also think these things are important. The feedback gives us guidance on how to continue to develop both library as a working space and library’s virtual services.

Classrooms are also your working space

Library’s new versatile premises received many thanks in the survey. However the premises are in high demand and especially more room for group work was requested. It seems not all of our space options are well known, so we aim to inform the students about them more effectively.

Some have felt that checking the availability of group work rooms in the Office 365 calendar is difficult. You can view current week’s reservations also on the Group work rooms web page (Facilities and equipment -> Group work rooms) and on the Booking instructions page by clicking the names of the group work rooms.

Opetusluokka Alma Linnassa

In Linna library the classroom Alma is also available outside of teaching hours for students to use with their key card

During last semester, we got one new bookable group work room in Linna (Vanhala, 3016). By opening the classrooms to students with key card, we created common space for both independent study at the computer and group work. Because there were questions regarding the use of the classrooms, we defined the way to use the rooms with colour signs.

In Linna the classrooms Akseli and Alma are red, meaning spaces for quiet work. The third classroom Elina and Arvo library’s Mauri are yellow spaces where even group work is possible as long as you consider the other users also. Additionally the former bookshop space beside the lobby by the Kalevantie entrance in Linna is a space where several groups can work at the same time.

Comfortable chairs are comfortable to sit on and study. On the other hand, students are knowledgeable about good ergonomics. In addition to the existing standing work places, we recently received new adjustable standing desks. Chairs will be acquired if possible. Check all the corners of the library, there you can find many kinds of seating.

Andor assists in finding information

Andor logoThe new and long awaited information search system Andor has been in service since autumn. It has been continually developed within the possibilities of technology listening to customers’ feedback. In the survey feedback, Andor received both thanks and criticism.

It takes time to learn to use a new search tool. We will strengthen Andor’s marketing and continue user-training workshops. Andor guide is there to help the user and we are also here to help through chat, online, email andor@uta.fi, Andor and Tamcat’s feedback form or in the Library.

Guidance and training flexibly online

Varaa ohjausaika -ikoniWe want to develop flexible services also online. The real time connection to library experts through chat service received many thanks in the survey. From now on we offer the personal Book a Librarian service also online to those customers for whom it is difficult to come to the library. When you are booking your time, choose remote guidance as the meeting place on the form.

Online sections have already been used on information seeking courses integrated into degree programmes. Online teaching will be used also in the future to facilitate flexible studies. The new Managing Research Information online course aimed at researchers was offered for the first time this spring and it turned out to be a good way for researchers’ training. We will continue with online training also in the future.

The survey responses gave us many ideas that we will develop and implement gradually. Follow our newsfeed to keep up to date.

Text and photo: Outi Viitasalo, Development and Administrative Services
Translation: Saija Tapio

Colours guide the use of Library’s working premises

May I speak or not? Library’s working premises are in huge demand, but talking and use of devices has brought us feedback especially after we opened the classrooms for the customers outside the courses. Now you can see colourful signs demonstrating whether you can discuss freely and use devices or not on the premises.

On the green premises you can tap on the laptop and talk. Group work rooms are green premises, so is Pohjantähti multipurpose space on Linna library’s 1st floor. Although the green sign allows mobile phone usage, in Linna library it is best to make the phone calls in the phone booths on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

On the yellow premises you can use laptop and speak in a low voice if necessary. Linna’s classroom Elina (3022)  and small multipurpose room Pentinkulma are yellow spaces, so it Arvo library’s classroom Mauri. In Pentinkulma you can do group work, so even in Elina, if you cannot find any other space, but remember to take the other students around into consideration.

The red sign means silent working space. In Linna’s Akseli and Alma classrooms you can concentrate on your own work at the computer.

The most silent premises in the Library are the Silent Reading Rooms in Linna and in Arvo library’s Learning Center. In Linna’s reading room there is even a separate reading space where the use of devices is not allowed.

Give us feedback: do the color signs guide the use of library spaces? You can also give feedback on library premises and other services in our User Survey until 9 April.

Working premises in the Library
Floor maps: Linna library and Arvo library

More information:
Leena Horsma-aho, Manager of Student Information Services

Influence your library services in User Survey

What is your experience of the services of Tampere University Library and what are the most important services to you as a customer in the future? Come and develop the Library with us by participating in our User Survey open until 9 April. Respond to the survey, influence the quality of services and also participate in a prize draw.

In the online survey, there are questions about the library spaces, information resources and Andor search service, as well as customer service, communication channels and information seeking courses and guidance. You can give grades both to the importance and functionality of the library services. Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions and ideas with us. Answering the survey only takes a few minutes.

Win prizes

Remember to participate in the prize draw. After responding to the survey, give your contact information on a separate form. Among the respondents we will raffle off:

  • 2 Rains rainproof backpacks
  • Tasty prizes in campus restaurants: 1 x surprise pastry, 2 x lunch, 2 x coffee and cake and 1 x Keep Cup & coffee at Sodexo restaurant Linna;  3 x lunch at Amica Restaurant Minerva; 10 x coffee & cake at Juvenes University Restaurant (UTA Main Building)
  • 4 tickets to Spa Holiday Club Tampereen Kylpylä
  • 25 movie tickets
  • 15 memory sticks

Link to the survey

More information:
Information Specialists Outi Viitasalo, outi.viitasalo@uta.fi and Mervi Ahola, mervi.ahola@uta.fi
Links to the survey on Library website

Book the group work rooms conveniently on Office calendar

Library’s group work rooms can now be found on Office 365 calendar on a new room list called ”Kirjaston huoneet opiskelijoille”. If you have booked group work rooms earlier, choose now this new room list instead of the previous ”Kirjaston huoneet” list. On the new list there are only the available group work rooms, not the staff rooms anymore.

Important tip on booking: Always remember to read the reply message arriving to your mailbox. It will inform you if your reservation has been saved successfully.

In Linna library there is now one group work room more. Room number 3016, called Vanhala, is located on the 3rd floor beside the other bookable group work rooms. It is for groups of 3-10 students and its equipment includes a computer, data projector and a whiteboard. Like the other group work rooms it was named after a character in The Unknown Soldier by Väinö Linna.

Instructions on booking a group work room on Office 365 calendar
Instructions on viewing the calendars of the rooms
Group work rooms and multipurpose spaces in the Library

More information:

Leena Horsma-aho, Manager of Student Information Services
tel. 040 190 4225

Open afternoon in Arvo library 24 October

The week 24-30 October is the International Open Access week. In Arvo library on Monday 24 October between 12.00 and 16.00 o’clock the theme of the afternoon is Open Library. Come and explore the services of Tampere University Library in Arvo building. Coffee is also served during the afternoon.

Service demonstrations:
Open Access @Mauri (short facts about open science at 13:00-15:00, in Finnish)
Open E-Books @Library
Open Andor @Library
Open Take Away @Library – books removed from the collection for free
Open Lottery @Library
Open Coffee @Hertta


More information:
Arvo-kirjasto, tel. 040 190 4236

Book Library’s group work rooms on Office 365 calendar

From 1 September 2016 the Library’s group work rooms are booked by using the University’s Office 365 calendar. After August it is not possible to make make reservations in the old booking calendar.

Instructions on how to book a group work room and information about group work rooms can be found on the Library website. You can also find the instructions by clicking the Book group work rooms icon on our front page.

For booking a group work room you log in to Office 365 service with your user name and password and create a new event in the calendar. You can check the availability of the rooms and invite other participants. Reservations for the rooms can be seen also on the screen beside their doors.

Library’s group work rooms are intended for the University of Tampere students. The group works rooms are available only when the Library is open. Only in Arvo library the rooms Simo (B110) and Timo (B111) located in the Learning Center are available also outside opening hours, then without booking.

Besides bookable group work rooms there are three rooms, Koskela (3050), Hietanen (3052) and Rokka (3053), on Linna library’s 3rd floor available flexibly without booking for group work.

More information:
Anu Alppiranta, System Expert
tel. 050 318 7760

Information about the University’s Office 365 service
Library’s group work rooms

Books and laptops changed places in Linna’s Silent Reading Room

The customers have asked for more seats in Linna library’s Silent Reading Room for those readers who use a laptop. Now the use of the reading room parts has been changed so that using a laptop is allowed in the larger part of the room. The former laptop space (the glass-walled area) is reserved for reading and the use of devices is not allowed there. The whole reading room still remains a quiet working space.

Silent Reading Room is available for University of Tampere students 24/7 with the key card. In Reading Room peaceful working is guaranteed when everybody keeps their mobile phones on silent mode and turns the volume down when listening with headphones. Likewise, all discussion takes place outside the room, during the Library’s opening hours e.g. in the multipurpose spaces Pohjantähti (1st floor) or Pentinkulma (3rd floor) or in the open group work rooms Koskela, Hietanen and Rokka on the 3rd floor. Library’s phone booths are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

More information: Manager Leena Horsma-aho, Student Information Services
tel. 040 190 4225

Silent Reading Room
Group work rooms and multipurpose spaces in the Library

Feel at home in the Library, new student

Congratulations for the place to study and welcome to Tampere University Library! We serve you on the Main campus in Linna library and on Kauppi campus in Arvo library. You’ll find our opening hours on the Library website.

Library cards

Student card is your library card when you first come to activate it at the Library’s Customer Service. Remember to take a photo identification with you! If you need books already before you have got the student card, come to fetch a temporary library card.


First you’ll need textbooks. Most of them can be found in Linna library. Textbooks of medicine, health sciences and biomedical technology are in Arvo library. Textbooks are really popular but you can also borrow them as short loans for a day or a weekend. Many books can be read as e-books, even without Internet connection.

Multipurpose space Pohjantähti in LinnaGroup work room in LinnaArvo library's premises

Library is your place for studying. Choose one of the various seats that can be found all around the Library for reading or using a laptop. For group work you can book group work rooms. In multipurpose working spaces you may also speak and Silent Reading Rooms are our quietest working environments. All over the Library we all defend working in peace and take other students into consideration.

In the Library you can use computers with software, print, copy and scan or use your own laptop or table in wireless network.

Front page of Library's online guides

Use our guides. Library’s online guides are handy tools to discover key information sources of your field of science or e.g. information about using e-books.

Customer Service in Linna

Ask away. Even though you can borrow and return using the self-service machines and pick up your reserved books by yourself we are there at the Customer Service desk to answer your questions. Virtually you can ask using:

Use also these:

  • How to use the Library – a compact starter package for using the Library
  • Library website – fresh news and information about library services
  • Tamcat – search library’s information resources, reserve and renew loans (the search service will be renewed soon)
  • Nelli – search portal of e-resources and databases (the search service will be renewed soon)
  • Twitter – tweets about e-resources
  • Facebook – worth following

Text: Outi Viitasalo, Information Specialist
Photos: Outi Viitasalo and Erja Kymäläinen

Library’s audio logo and closing announcements were created in cooperation with students

In Linna you can now hear new announcements telling about the closing of the library. A short musical introduction, Library’s audio logo, was composed to begin the announcements.

The audio logo was composed by student of Music Studies Heikki Kokko, who in his Master thesis researched hold music of phone services as utility music. The texts of the calls were read by Tuomo Hyttinen, a trainee at Radio Moreeni.

Library has received feedback about closing announcements that sometimes have surprised a concentrated reader. The aim of the new audio logo is to awake the customers in different corners of the library to the call more subtly than before.

In Arvo library the new calls will be heard when the Library shifts to autumn opening hours from 29 August.