Wiley Online Library is migrating to a new platform at the end of February 2018

The new platform provides among other things:

  • Modernized, cleaner design with easier navigation and usability
  • Improved search function and user interface that aligns with today’s best practices for user experience
  • Increased accessibility that allows Wiley to deliver new features and functionality in a timely fashion

Users eTOC and citation alert settings will be migrated to the new platform. Saved search alerts and article “favourites” will not be migrated. Redirects for bookmarked links will be put in place for all current URLs, to their new counterparts, but you should anyway update all bookmarks and links after the migration to avoid any interruption of access.

More information, see Wiley .

Ask here: phankinta@uta.fi.

On Trial: Psychiatry Online until 31 January

Psychiatry Online is the platform for all American Psychiatric Association Publishing journals, DSM-5®, and bestselling textbooks, as well as APA Practice Guidelines, and continuing medical education. It is an important resource for information on psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, guidelines, the latest research, and news from the field.

The trial is in use until 31 January 2018. In remote access please sign in with your basic user account of University of Tampere or Tampere University Hospital.

You can send trial feedback to: phankinta@uta.fi.

More information:
Information Specialist Soile Kolehmainen, soile.kolehmainen@uta.fi

What’s new in e-resources

On 2018 the electronic resources provided by the University of Tampere mainly remain unchanged but there are also some new resources available. MOT Online language service expanded, and PhilPapers, the widest open archives of philosophy, is comprehensively in our use with the support payment paid by the Library.

MOT Online increased with several new dictionaries. There are now more than 50 dictionaries with general terms and special terms available on the Dictionaries page. MOT Translation expanded to 13 language pairs. MOT Proofing serves the Finnish writers of English as before. MOT Books expanded with new reference works and MOT Reference offers more high-quality information sources. TermLink service offers the possibility to bring organization’s own dictionaries to MOT Online.

Now it is also easier to use MOT with your mobile devices, thanks to the mobile optimized version of MOT Online. See the Mobile Online instructions in MOT Online.

PhilPapers is a comprehensive index of philosophy books and articles. PhilPapers offers unique features such as real-time indexing of pre-prints, fine-grained classification by topic, email alerts, reading lists, advanced search functionality, and discussion forums.

See all our e-resources in the databases list.

More information:
Information Specialists Aniita Ahlholm-Kannisto, Aniita.Ahlholm-Kannisto@uta.fi, and Soile Kolehmainen Soile.Kolehmainen@uta.fi

Update to IEEE/IEL and Wiley Online Library database negotiations

IEEE has agreed to negotiate again with FinElib. There is no break in access to  IEEE/IEL database.

At the moment there’s no access to Wiley’s 2018 online content because finishing the license agreement is still ongoing.

More information:

Petri Tonteri, Information Resources Manager, petri.tonteri@uta.fi

Break in IEL/IEEE database from the beginning of year 2018 seems probable

Break in IEL database after New Year seems probable. IEEE, provider of the IEL database, continues to refuse to negotiate with FinELib consortium regarding renewal of the IEL license agreement. The ongoing agreement expires on 31 December 2017.

Tampere University Library is acquiring access to those resources in IEL database that have been published during the previous agreement period, between June 2010 ­and 31 December 2017.

Furthermore, the consortium has prepared an Alternative Access plan including tips on how researchers, teachers and students can try to access articles in this situation.

The Library apologizes for all inconvenience caused by the break and hopes that the break will be short. FinELib continues the negotiations as soon as possible.

More information:

Petri Tonteri, Information Resources Manager, petri.tonteri@uta.fi

IEL license negotiations deadlocked – access to the database at risk

Tampere University Library has held a license to the IEEE’s electrical engineering and computer science database IEL since 2011. The current agreement expires at the end of this year.

Negotiations to renew the consortium contract have been ongoing this fall. Unfortunately the publisher (IEEE) made a consortium offer that was unrealistic and overpriced. The offer was unacceptable to the FinELib consortium.

The publisher refuses to make a revised offer to the consortium. Instead the publisher demands that the University negotiates its own contract. The publisher has stated that if the Library refuses to do this the publisher will begin to contact researchers to discuss individual solutions with them.

The direct contract offer the publisher has made to the Library contains terms (e.g. permitted uses) that are far less favorable to the Library customers than those in the current consortium agreement.

The Library demands that the publisher must offer both reasonable pricing and acceptable contract terms via the FinELib consortium.

More about the negotiations of IEL and other e-resources on FinELib website.

More information:
Information Resources Manager Petri Tonteri

Library’s database list

Information about the e-resource negotiations on FinELib website

Now you can monitor the progress and results of negotiations concerning e-resources license agreements. The website is created by the national FinELib consortium.

Further information on website (in English) http://finelib.fi/negotiations/
Further information on website (in Finnish) http://finelib.fi/neuvottelut/

FinELib is a consortium of Finnish universities, research institutions and public libraries. It negotiates e-resource license agreements for the Finnish scholarly community.

You can send feedback and development proposals to the FinELib consortium office: finelib@helsinki.fi

Video material from different subject areas for teaching and studies

University of Tampere has access to two video databases, Academic Video Online: Premium and Ideas Roadshow.

Academic Video Online: Premium delivers more than 60 000 videos from 1 500 leading distributors covering all disciplines and subject areas. Essential subject areas includes anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more.

The database includes a variety of video material available with curricular relevance: documentaries, interviews, performances, news programs and newsreels, field recordings, commercials, and raw footage. Academic institutions will find the most frequently used films for classroom instruction, plus newly released films and previously unavailable archival material.

More than 14 000 learning segments make it easy for instructors to find and integrate specific video content into the classroom and help users get to the right content faster. Each segment is fully searchable and includes an abstract, making user selection even easier.

Subject Areas:

More information on the database
Guide for using the database

Please note: If the videos don’t open up with your browser, please try with another browser (Mozilla, IE, Chrome).

Ideas Roadshow offers a multidisciplinary, electronic database of high-quality resources, including pedagogical modules. The extensive collection of resources (650+) presents unique insights into the motivations and research of 100+ leading researchers through a collection of long and short-form video, associated eBooks and teaching modules.

Here is a short introductory video to give you a sense of Ideas Roadshow’s resources and the motivations behind them.

More information:
Information Specialist Aniita Ahlholm-Kannisto, Aniita.Ahlholm-Kannisto@uta.fi

MOT language service expands

MOT-kielipalvelun logoAt University of Tampere we have access to several MOT dictionaries, MOT Translation (Finnish-English), MOT Proofing for checking English language and to the book “Kielitoimiston oikeinkirjoitusopas”. Now we also have access to some new resources in MOT service: MOT Pro dictionaries (English and Swedish) and TermLink service.

MOT Pro dictionaries are high-quality dictionaries with general terms and special terms in several subject areas. MOT Pro dictionaries contain many examples of using the terms. The dictionaries are updated continuously.

TermLink service offers the possibility to bring organization’s own dictionaries to the MOT Dictionaries service. TermLink credentials are needed for that.

From the beginning of 2018 we will have access to the entire MOT service. It will contain:

– 57 dictionaries
– MOT Proofing, english
– MOT Translation, 13 language pairs
– MOT Books, 5 books
– MOT Mobile Online
– MOT TERMS: Termlink service
– MOT-Reference

More information: Information Specialist Soile Kolehmainen, soile.kolehmainen@uta.fi

E-book news

  • Taylor & Francis e-books has been moved to a new platform. University of Tampere has access to over 130 books. You can narrow down your search results to University of Tampere collection by doing a search and then selecting ”show content I have access to”. Taylor & Francis e-books can also be found in Tamcat database.
  • From November Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader will be the software for downloads for Dawsonera e-books. Adobe Reader will not be supported with Dawsonera downloads anymore.
  • E-book Collection EBSCOhost has switched to single-sign-in using the University basic user account like all the Ebsco databases. Create a new Ebsco account and link it to your basic user account when you download books or create notes for the first time. Later you will only need your basic user account. If you already have an Ebsco account, you can link it to your basic user account. Please follow instructions in Ebook Collection EBSCOhost.
  • The entire Ebook Central collection (including the books that University of Tampere does not have access to) is visible only if you have signed in with your basic user account. This applies to both on campus and off campus use. In Ebook Central you can send a book request to the Library if we don’t have access to the book  (5 minutes preview).
  • Ebook Central has some new usability enhancements (for example DRM-free chapter download) and improved book detail pages.
  • MyiLibrary will merge to Ebook Central later this year and Humanities E-Books will move to a new platform in the summer 2018.

Our E-book guide will be updated accordingly this changes.

More information:
Information Specialist Soile Kolehmainen