U.K. Parliamentary Papers database in use at the University of Tampere

U.K. Parliamentary Papers is in use at the University of Tampere until 31st of December 2018. Access has been acquired to House of Commons 20th Century Collection. In the advanced search page you can see the papers available at the University of Tampere.

You can find more information and instructions in the U.K. Parliamentary Papers guide.

U.K. Parliamentary Papers (House of Commons 20th Century) is also on our Databases list. In remote access please log in with your UTA basic user account.

More information: phankinta@uta.fi

THE Times Higher Education portal in use at the University of Tampere

Times Higher EducationTimes Higher Education service portal is the source for higher education content. It includes digital THE magazine, Times Higher Education rankings, news, newsletters, articles, daily global insights, etc. contents about higher education.

  • Professional – you can find current news, research and digital THE magazine among other things.
  • The Jobs – Academic jobs
  • Summits – Academic summits and a regular series of regional summits
  • Rankings – World University Rankings, Rankings by subject
  • Student – Best universities, where to study

Note! Register and log in by using University of Tampere institution’s email address.

You can find THE on our Databases list.

There’s also Times Higher Education app available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

More information: phankinta@uta.fi

Note this if you use Internet Explorer browser

If you use the Internet Explorer browser, problems can sometimes arise when opening PDF files. Downloading a PDF file may get interrupted and the file will not open.

The problem has been noticed while using TamPub repository, but it may come up in other services also, for example when opening PDF e-articles. Unfortunately, the Library cannot solve this problem that concerns the Internet Explorer browser. That is why we recommend that you use another browser, e.g. Firefox or Chrome.

Library website

You can still influence the services of Tampere3 library

User Survey 2018 logoYou still have time to influence the development of your future services in Tampere3 library. User Survey is available until the end of this week. You’ll find the link to the survey also on the Library website.

Don’t forget to participate also the raffle of useful prizes. We’ll raffle off 3 rainproof Rains backpacks, 3 necessary fire blankets, 3 practical frying pans, books, 20 reading lights you can attach to a book, 30 handy & versatile bicycle lamps, 40 movie tickets, 7 gift vouchers for city buses (à 10 €), and small packages of products.

Thank you for your feedback!

More information:
Outi Viitasalo, Outi.Viitasalo@uta.fi, and Sonja Mattsson, Sonja.Mattsson@uta.fi

Dictionary of Insurance and Finance merged to Redfox language service

Dictionary of Insurance and Finance is part of Redfox now. The old interface will work until the 30th of April. Both interfaces can be found in the list of databases for a time.

The entire Redfox Pro language service will be available for the University of Tampere until the end of 2018, i.e. to the end of the license period of Dictionary of Insurance and Finance. RedFox Pro includes basic and specialized dictionaries, grammar and learning resources.

More information: phankinta@uta.fi

MyiLibrary e-books migration to Ebook Central 21.3.

MyiLibrary will merge to Ebook Central. Tampere University’s 80 MyiLibrary e-books will be available on Ebook Central from 21 March, 2018.

MyiLibrary URLs will redirect to Ebook Central. Customer bookshelves will not be migrated. Consider printing your bookshelf list if you want to rebuild it quickly on Ebook Central. If you used the bookmarking and highlighting features on MyiLibrary, you will lose them after the title migration. However, you can preserve notes using these instructions.

More information: phankinta@uta.fi

Influence the services of Tampere3 library in User Survey

User Survey 2018 logoThe libraries of Tampere3 universities are now building the services of the common Tampere3 library. Come along and share your opinion about the current services in our User Survey! Respond to the survey by 31 March and participate also in a prize draw.

The User Survey is simultaneously open for the libraries of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University of Technology and University of Tampere. The survey is aimed at students, researchers and other staff of the university as well as all the other customers of the library.

You can grade both the importance and functionality of the library services. Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us. You’ll find the link to the survey on our website. Answering only takes a few minutes.

Link to the survey

Win prizes

Don’t forget to participate also in the prize draw. After responding to the survey, give your contact information on a separate form.

Among all the respondents of Tampere3 libraries we will raffle off plenty of useful prizes: 3 rainproof Rains backpacks, 3 necessary fire blankets, 3 practical frying pans, books, 20 reading lights you can attach to a book, 30 handy & versatile bicycle lamps, 40 movie tickets, 7 gift vouchers for city buses (à 10 €), and small packages of products.

More information at Tampere University Library:
Outi Viitasalo, Outi.Viitasalo@uta.fi, and Sonja Mattsson, Sonja.Mattsson@uta.fi

Links to the survey on Library website

Flipster Digital Magazines on trial until early April

Flipster contains the most recent issues of over 1500 popular magazines in different  fields, like Art & Design, hobbies, history, economics, politics. In Flipster you can read for example following magazines: American Theatre, Forbes, Journal of Marketing Research, National Geographic, Publishers Weekly, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Time, Travel & Leisure, Vogue and World Literature Today.

To access back issues, open the most recent issue using your computer or mobile device and look for ‘All Issues’ in the right hand column on your computer or for ‘All Issues’ in the menu on your mobile device.

You can download  Flipster app from iOS- and Android devices and read e-magazines for offline anytime anywhere.(nearby library: Tampereen yliopisto)

Sign in with your basic user account.

This trial will be available until 04 April 2018. You can give feedback about Flipster by sending e-mail to phankinta@uta.fi


Wiley Online Library is migrating to a new platform at the end of February 2018

The new platform provides among other things:

  • Modernized, cleaner design with easier navigation and usability
  • Improved search function and user interface that aligns with today’s best practices for user experience
  • Increased accessibility that allows Wiley to deliver new features and functionality in a timely fashion

Users eTOC and citation alert settings will be migrated to the new platform. Saved search alerts and article “favourites” will not be migrated. Redirects for bookmarked links will be put in place for all current URLs, to their new counterparts, but you should anyway update all bookmarks and links after the migration to avoid any interruption of access.

More information, see Wiley .

Ask here: phankinta@uta.fi.

On Trial: Psychiatry Online until 31 January

Psychiatry Online is the platform for all American Psychiatric Association Publishing journals, DSM-5®, and bestselling textbooks, as well as APA Practice Guidelines, and continuing medical education. It is an important resource for information on psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, guidelines, the latest research, and news from the field.

The trial is in use until 31 January 2018. In remote access please sign in with your basic user account of University of Tampere or Tampere University Hospital.

You can send trial feedback to: phankinta@uta.fi.

More information:
Information Specialist Soile Kolehmainen, soile.kolehmainen@uta.fi