E-resource negotiations with Taylor & Francis and Wiley in a difficult phase

The FinELib consortium is renegotiating its agreements on the use of e-resources with two major publishers, Wiley and Taylor & Francis. The negotiations are in a difficult phase. Current agreements will expire on 31 Dec 2018.

Taylor & Francis has promised that until the end of January 2019 there will be access to its e-journals as before. However, the 60 % discount of the publisher’s article processing charge (APC) for the researchers of our University will unfortunately not be available anymore from 1.1.2019.

The use of Wiley’s e-resources in January 2019 is not clear yet.

The goal of the negotiations is to enable the universities to have access to scholarly journals and their researchers to publish open access without increasing the total costs. Unfortunately, both Taylor & Francis and Wiley want to increase these costs significantly. If FinELib is unable to reach an agreement before the end of December, also the universities in Tampere may lose access to future articles and some of the already published content in these two publishers’ journals.

Alternative access to articles on FinELib’s Alternative Access web page.

More information:
Aniita Ahlholm-Kannisto, Information Specialist, aniita.ahlholm-kannisto@uta.fi
Kaisa Rissanen, Project Manager, kaisa.rissanen@tamk.fi

FinELib news about the state of negotiations 14 December 2018

Be prepared for breaks in e-resources at the turn of the year (5.12.2018)

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