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Welcome to Tampere University Library, dear new student! Library is available to you on University’s both campuses, Linna library on Main campus and Arvo library on Kauppi campus.

Linna and Arvo libraries

At the Library you need a library card. Come and have your student card activated as a library card at the Customer Service Desk of Linna or Arvo library. Bring also your photo ID (e.g. passport) with you. Electronic student card cannot be used as a library card, so then you’ll need a separate card.

Textbooks belong to your studies and you’ll find them in the Library. Most of textbooks are located in Linna, and in Arvo there are the textbooks for medicine, health sciences and biotechnology. The number of printed books is limited but you can borrow the so called short loan copies for overnight or weekend reading. Additionally, many of the textbooks are available as e-books that you can also download and read offline. See instructions on our E-book Guide.

You’ll find information on the textbooks and other information resources on Andor search service and its tools can be found in the Andor box on our home page. On Andor there are millions of references from international databases. The easiest way to find textbooks is to use Tamcat portal that is part of Andor. You can also find all our e-journals and databases on separate lists.

In the Library you can borrow and return loans handily using self-service machines, and you can pick up your reserved books from the shelf yourself. Renew your loans and make reservations online by logging in to your account on Tamcat. You can always ask for help and guidance at the Customer Service Desk, on chat (available on the bottom corner of our website, Andor and Tamcat), on FAQ service or by email: kirjasto@uta.fi.

Arvo library on Kauppi campus

Library is also your working environment: we have a variety of study spaces. When you read or work alone with your laptop, you can choose an adjustable desk, a comfortable chair or a sofa in different parts or the Library. University’s wireless networks are available also in the Library.

Computers are available in the Library’s Learning Centers and classrooms. Computers have various software and you can print using your print quota. You can also copy and scan using the multifunction printers.

The Library organizes the Basics of Information Literacy including in your studies and other courses in the classrooms but you can use them with your key card when they are free. You can see the teaching hours on the display beside the door. Please note the colour signs in the classrooms and other spaces. They tell you if the space is meant for quiet working or discussions.

Multipurpose working space Pohjantähti in Linna library

You will need group work spaces often. The Library has both bookable and freely available group work rooms. You can do the booking via your Office365 calendar. The freely available group work rooms can fit one or more groups at the same time. Also, Linna’s multipurpose working spaces Pohjantähti and Idea are suitable for group work as long as you take those studying near you into consideration. Events are also organized in Idea occasionally.

The most quiet working areas are the Silent Reading Rooms that are available for you 24/7 with your key card (in Arvo also Learning Center and two group work rooms are 24/7 premises). In Linna’s Reading Room you can use your own laptop or tablet, and for readers there is a separate area where devices are not allowed.

Studying in Arvo library

In the Library there are a wide range of spaces and a wide range of students. Studying goes well if we only take each other into consideration and together cherish working in peace.

Use the Library to support your studies:

Changes at the Library: January 1st 2019 the libraries of the University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will merge into the library of the new Tampere University and it will serve the students of both the University and TAMK.

  • Changes in the future library services are being prepared already during the autumn. The joint information systems are still being developed during the transition period, so we hope for patience from our customers. However, the Library strives to serve in the best possible way.
  • We recommend that you follow the communication of the Library on the website and in your email.

Text: Outi Viitasalo, Information Specialist
Photos: Erja Kymäläinen and Jonne Renvall / University of Tampere

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