On Blog: Tampere3 Library is Created in Cooperation

Tampere3 logoTampere3 higher education institution will start its operations at the beginning of next year. At the same time, the library serving the institution will also begin its work. This future library combines the present library services of the University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The new library will be positioned in the university’s organization, but it will offer library services to the whole institution.

The staff of the three libraries has already been planning the services of the future library for months. In the library projects, we are developing the customer service processes, the services for publishing and open science as well as the training offered on information seeking. At the same time, we are preparing the acquisition of a new library system. When realized, it will renew the library’s digital services to better suit the changing customer needs of today and even tomorrow.

The library is an important part of the studying and research infrastructure. Also in the future Tampere3 library aims to offer broad, high-quality and competitive information resources meeting the needs of students, researchers, university staff and other customers.

Development continues even after January

Even though the work is in progress, our services will not be ready yet when the new library starts operating.  We’ll have to manage for a while with transitional solutions for many services, especially for operations connected with information systems. In the beginning, there will still be many things to finish and develop further and not all customer expectations will be met immediately. That is why we hope that our customers will have patience to follow with us through this busy and even laborious phase.

A lot will remain unchanged in our good services. The present library offices will serve the customers also in the future. The library isn’t giving up any other of its services either, even though we are considering new ways to produce them. This doesn’t mean that the services of the present libraries will be unified and offered similarly to all customers, but when planning the service supply we will take different customer profiles into consideration.

Influence the future services

Library services are developed in a customer-oriented way, and collecting feedback has been established as the most important tool for acquiring customer information. Customer feedback is systematically used in developing the services and in planning new ones.

User Survey 2018 banner

The libraries are currently running the User Survey of Tampere3 libraries. In the survey, we hope to get a lot of feedback and development ideas from the customers. Now you can give your valuable contribution to the library’s development while ensuring that also in the future the library offers those services you need.

Projektijohtaja Minna Niemi-GrundströmText: Minna Niemi-Grundström, Project Director of Tampere3 library
Translation: Saija Tapio and Outi Viitasalo

Photo: Outi Viitasalo

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