Touch screen in Linna’s Idea for group work

Open studying space Idea in Linna

In Linna’s open studying space there is now an interactive touch screen that is available for students’ group work. The screen is beside the wall on Pinninkatu side, and with a slight turn it is handily available for groups working near it.

By the screen there are instructions. With your group you can access your materials and online contents when you connect your own device to the screen. You can also use the screen with the touch pen that is behind the screen. If needed, you can ask for a remote control at the Library’s Customer Service.

In Idea you can study alone or in groups. It is open according to the Library’s opening hours, and the Library coordinates its use. Open events of the University are also occasionally held in Idea.

Study spaces in the Library
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More information:
Manager Leena Horsma-aho, Student Information Services

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