Break room in Linna library’s Silent Reading Room

Students of the Silent Reading Room in Linna have wished for a place where to have a snack break. The space was created from the former copy room in the Reading Room’s lobby. In the break room you can rest a little from studying and eat your snack.

Silent Reading Room is available 24/7 for the students of the University. When the Library is open, the entrance to the Reading Room is from the main lobby of Linna building, via a separate staircase. When the Library is closed, you can enter the staircase through the side door situated opposite the Finnish Student Health Service building using your key card.

Laptops may be used in the larger area of the Reading Room. The glass-walled area is a space where devices are not used.

More information:
Manager Leena Horsma-aho,

Library’s working spaces on the web


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